A Company That Promises Superior RCM Support

Brightree Billing services

Presently, Sunknowledge is a next-gen healthcare services company. The ability to offer extended support as a DME billing company has made us a force to reckon with in the marketplace. We are confident to support any practice management/ billing systems that are in use in the marketplace. Our team has the capability of driving your cash flow with functional best practices, have excellent references across the industry from leading DME companies.

We promise superior support than Brightree Billing Services

The best part of choosing us from your billing services will be our pricing standards. We offer you a pool of resources that are well versed with the best practices with Brightree software. Our billing support encompass front end/ back end revenue cycle management and is presently placed at just $7 per hour for a full time resource who will be working for you on a dedicated basis.

We are 70% cheaper than Brightree Billing services. Our references across the industry are strong and credible and we are working with some of the best DME companies. We have helped a major chunk of Brightree clients transition to us as we offer unparalleled support with account management, customized reporting best practices.

Let our experts demonstrate our DME billing services to you

Right from improving your practice management experience, we offer superior standards with your front end as well as back end revenue cycle management. Not only that, we have a countrywide foot print across jurisdictions and have the experience of working with private, Medicare and Medicaid plans across states! Our team enables a faster DME billing approach by performing specific activities eligibility verification, authorization, denial management and accounts receivable.

We have a pool of resources that are well versed with the immediate mandates across the DME industry. We help you make more money, secure your reimbursements by roping in more Medicare customers with our specialized DME billing support. Our team is just a call away from you. Give us an opportunity to share with you our clear plan of action on how we work as your operational extension. Leverage the Sunknowledge opportunity for a better revenue cycle experience!