Health benefits of having dry fruits

healthty dry fruits

Dry fruits are expensive and delicious but the health benefits they possess make them worth their price. They may small in size, but they are extremely rich sources of protein and minerals. You can find a lot of varieties in dry fruits such as cashew nuts, raisins, almonds, pistachios, dates, walnuts etc. You have many reasons to include dry fruits in your diet. This article consists of some of the most known benefits of dry fruits on your health.


Controls cholesterol: If you wish to control your cholesterol level, eating dry fruits will be the best way recommended for you. Cashews have zero cholesterol and it is very effective in maintaining low cholesterol level. The fatty acids in almonds will help you reduce cholesterol and promote blood circulation. Raisins contain a high amount of magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus and thus improve blood circulation. Including more dry fruits in your plate will assist you to get a healthy body. You can also try dianabol; pills that look like blue hearts.

Slow down aging: Having dry fruits in a regular manner will slow down the process of aging and will direct you to get a healthy and glowing skin. Soak almond in water overnight and make a paste by it. Crush them and then mix with water. Applying this mixture to your face will remove the dirt and dead cells and will bring a radiant skin. The antioxidants contain in raisins will keep your skin beautiful by slowing down skin aging. Walnuts are rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids which will nourish dry skin and will improve its texture. Blend the mixture of 3 spoons of yogurt and walnuts and apply on your face to make it softer and smoother. It will also prevent skin damage and will reduce tan. You can use walnut oil for preventing wrinkles and fine lines and cashew nut oil for preventing skin damage and tan and to protect cracked heels by nourishing them. The presence of vitamin E in pistachios will protect your skin from premature aging and UV rays and will smoothen it and neutralize free radicals.

Manages weight: Cashew nuts are loaded with high amount of fibre and high energy destiny which are extremely effective in weight management. If you are suffering from anaemia, having raisins and dates will be a better option for you. Preferring these dry fruits will help in weight gain and will provide you with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Reduces cardiovascular problems: Almonds are helpful in reducing the risk of recurrent coronary heart problems. Cashews promote cardio health as they are free from cholesterol. The healthy dose of vitamin B6 in pistachios prevents heart problems and omega 3 in walnuts regulates the formation of plague in blood vessels.

All healthcare experts recommend having a hand full of dry fruits in your everyday diet in order to keep you fit and healthy. You will also need to put some restrictions on the amount of intake of dry fruits as excess of anything can bring harm to your health. Dianobol can also be used for your well-being. These are pills that look like blue hearts and will create huge benefits on your health.