What are the best protein supplements for body building?


Although many bodybuilders prefer protein-rich supplements, yet there are other powders that also provide vital nutrients like carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are an essential source of energy to the body. It is always recommended that you consult a trainer or a doctor before consuming the carbohydrates supplements, as not all powders have benefits to meet the daily exercise goals.

supplements for body building

Stable testosterone levels

Intensive exercises are good to keep yourself in shape, but also require essential nutrients to recover fast from every workout. It is important that carbohydrates should be added to your daily supplement diet as it improves the testosterone levels that aid in muscle building.

Reduced calorie burning

While consuming protein supplement before the workout burns out all the calories, but consuming the carbohydrates powder supplement provides your body with more vigor as it burns fewer calories and restores the energy faster.

Improved muscle recovery

Heavy meals that have a lot of carbs are advised to be taken before the workout, but the carbohydrate powder is the best post-workout meal that should be consumed. It helps in quick workout recovery, as the liquids are absorbed faster than whole food. So, taking carbohydrate powder in your supplement diet can be beneficial.

Improved performance

Carbohydrates supply ample energy that you may require performing rigorous exercises. Your muscles store enough energy that can support muscle contraction for few seconds. Your body needs continuous energy in order to perform, hence carbohydrates are consumed in the form of supplements that not only improve your performance but also help to go that extra mile to be fit.

Muscle Growth and Retention

Improved body performance during workout leads to muscle growth. Muscle growth doesn’t happen in a day; carbs are responsible for sustaining your muscles. Consuming carbs supplements releases insulin in your body that binds your muscles and increase the cell growth, this helps in retaining your muscles for the long run.

Track your carbs

It is essential to keep a track of how many carbs you intake pre-workout, during the workout and post workout. You should know how much amount of calories, proteins and fats you should take; accordingly decide your carb intake.


Carbohydrates may not be progressive supplements as proteins, but they are effective in improving your body. They promote muscle growth and allow you to strive hard at every workout