As scary as it may sound, may sound — it is the truth, there are time when we end up damaging our oral health unknowingly, as a dental clinic, we have been witnessing so scores of patients who have damaged their teeth on account of their own habits, which actually might be wait harmless, but when it comes to the impact they have on your teeth, they may be wearing havoc. Let’s take a look at them

  1. A lot of people end up grinding their teeth in their sleep and any Cheshire dentist will tell you what a no-no that is. Of course, it is a habit that is not easy to control, since you are mostly not aware of it when it’s happening. Constant grinding can actually lead to chipped or fractured teeth, so the only way to curb it, would be to use a teeth guard in your sleep, in case you cannot find any other underlying cause for it.
  1. In the case of children, we all know that they love to sick their thumb and for a while, that may look really cute as well. However, what we don’t know is that constant thumb sucking can end up impacting both the tooth and jaw structure of your baby in an adverse manner, which can cause further problems in activities like being able to speak or chew and even set him up for an Invisalign in Cheshire later, so it is best you wean hi off his thumb sucking habit at the earliest.
  1. The impact of smoking on oral health is always adverse, ranging from dental stains, to bad breath, to the risk of getting cancer, it is best that you quit smoking and you can even ask you Cheshire dentist to help you with that.
  1. The benefits of flossing are plentiful and failure of doing so can actually end up in a build-up of plaque which can then lead to serious gum diseases, due to the food particles that remain lodged.
  1. Medications can also adversely impact our oral health, due to the production of acid in the mouth, due to the dryness that medicines can cost. Of course, if you are suffering from illness, it is something that you cat avoid, hence it is best to seek solutions for it from a Cheshire dentist and see what he has to say about it.
  1. Another improbable cause of dental damage is taking regular swims in chlorinated pools and ending up swelling the water. Regular exposure to treated water can actually erosion of your enamel which would end up is further tooth decay, once the protective layer of your tooth is gone.
  1. If you get heartburn or acid reflux, then you might end up exposing your enamel to too many digestive acids which leads to too much wear and tear and even sensitivity. One of the things that you must avoid doing is to brush immediately after throwing and first neutralise your mouth with water or sodium bicarbonate solution. This is especially applicable for pregnant women who end up suffering from regular bouts of vomiting, so it is best you see your Cheshire dentist figure a way out.
  1. There are people who love to chew ice cubes and as fun as that may sound, it really ends up weakening your teeth and makes it more prone to getting chipped, it is a better idea to suck on ice cubes if you must, as opposed to biting on them.
  1. If you like extremely citrus or acidic food, you are setting up your enamel for erosion again. Acidic substances as we all know, end up eroding the enamel, which means that can cause a lot of sensitivity and expose your tooth more and more that may end up in decay and may need root canal treatments later even.
  1. Last but not the least sometimes your obsession with keeping your teeth clean may end up causing you more damage than giving you benefits, mainly because it may end up in enamel abrasion, which ends up causing a lot of sensitivity, so go gentle on your teeth, you don’t want to end up with dental implants

So now that you know the kind of damage to your teeth, seemingly simple acts can cause, it is best that you try to avoid them.