Every one of us deserves to find joy. Yes, there is no one-size-fits-all concept for happiness, nor is it something you can easily measure. However, it is easy to believe that happiness is in the eyes and heart of the beholder. How you perceive happiness and what you do to achieve it is what will determine whether you can find it or not.

We’ve gathered the best secrets of happy people, and the surprising thing is, the secrets may not be that too much a secret after all. What you need is patience, determination, acceptance, and devotion if you genuinely wish to be happy. Here are 10 secret habits you can keep to start living a happy life.

Find Happiness From Within

We have a saying that there is someone out there who will make you feel happy, loved and complete. While most of the statement is true, what we need to realize is that you don’t need someone else to be happy and feel complete. One should view relationships as an extension of human experience. You can’t find true happiness if you always rely on others. Learn to love yourself first and how to make yourself happy, for it is only then will you start finding true happiness.

Look for a Routine of Physical Activities You Love and Enjoy

Woman Doing Yoga

Lots of people dread the idea of hitting to the gym or even doing exercises at home. However, some people are not successful when it comes to exercising regularly because they still haven’t found the type they will love and actually enjoy doing.

If you’re not the type who likes hitting off the gym, then you might want to consider signing up for Yoga Classes in Melbourne. Many studies do believe that yoga is a form of exercise which offers many benefits. Some even claim that it is a better workout than spending hours at the gym. The reason is that doing yoga won’t only do good for your body, your mind and soul as well.

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Stay Social

We are social creatures, which makes us crave for attention, love and just the feeling of belongingness. Keeping good relationships be it your family, friends, neighbor, colleagues and even strangers have a positive influence in your life.

Yes, technology is amazing – the internet, gadgets and all. However, happy people make use of their time wisely by socializing offline. While it is true that innovations can keep you and your loved ones connect when you’re miles apart, nothing beats face-to-face social interaction to make relationships grow.

Cook and Eat Healthy Foods

Happy individuals know that eating healthy is one way to stay satisfied, and what better way to do it than by cooking food yourself? Many believe that cooking is an excellent way to beat stress. By cooking good food and eating healthy meals, you will feel better and find happiness and satisfaction.

Practice Gratitude and Learn to Forgive

Every day we face lots of stress and problems. There are times when we have arguments with others. If we won’t settle our differences, learn that everyone has a different opinion, respect beliefs and forgive, one won’t be truly happy. Learn from the experience, forgive, see the good in everything and always express gratitude.

Slow Down

We know our schedule can be crazy at times. With so many stressors and tasks to fulfill, we often find it hard to take a breather. Worrying too much about that upcoming deadline and thinking about every little thing that can go wrong won’t make you more productive.

Focusing on the present and slowing down will give you more time to think, be observant and appreciate the little things in life. By enjoying an early morning stroll, watching the birds fly by or just by savouring your favourite food will make you appreciate life and experience happiness.

Be Fearless

Only a few people are successful in conquering their fear. However, if they can do it, so can we – one step at a time. While may or may not apply to phobias, there are other things we can show fearlessness. It is easy to be motivated by negativity, guilt, and fear. But once you’ve found a way to reclaim it will you learn how to be happy.

For example, learning to stand after failing, leaving an unhealthy relationship and starting a new life. It may take time, a lot of courage and getting used to, but you’ll get there eventually only once you start trying.

Be Open, Confident and Optimistic

Living in denial is never a healthy thing to do – being open is an excellent way to go. Be honest and open to yourself, and have the confidence that you can turn a negative thing into something you can take advantage of. For example, when you’re feeling sad and hurt after an argument with your loved one. Instead of sulking, throwing blames and pretending you don’t care, addressing the issue and focusing on how to make things work will make you feel a lot better.

Share, Help and Be Kind

Sharing is caring – that’s what we always hear. But did you know that sharing, helping and being kind is also something happy people do? When you learn to share, you get happiness just because of the mere fact you’re able to help another person. After an act of kindness and sharing – you’ll instantly feel better knowing you did something good and made another person happy.

Pursue Your Passion

Many are unhappy because they are unable to do the things they love doing. While you don’t necessarily need to make your passion and turn it into a career, you can always do it on the side. Doing so will make you happy as you get to enjoy and have a little bit of control over your life.

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Sometimes, it is also our fault why we fail to find happiness. We overthink the littlest of things and are bitter, causing more stress and drama to our life. By improving your health, learning