“Can Yoga help me use my brain to its full potential?” Is Yoga & meditation the answers to all the perplexing questions that hinder my growth?” Yes & No. If you were here looking for answers that surfeits the made-up and internet-induced fantasies of your world, then this is not a place for you.  Apart from Yoga & meditation, it is your constant efforts, hard work, and dietary changes that lay a strong impact. The first step to attaining your best-self or a higher conscious is to understand that you know nothing and you are still at a nascent stage in your life. The art of Yoga helps you realize your weakness, enlighten your soul, and push you to come out of your comfort zone. 

Here is how Yoga helps you become more conscious:

  • Brain Mechanisms

According to a well-known research paper as a part of the NCBI sources, the art of Yoga & meditation tweaks the brain mechanism that lays a strong impact on mental health. The test reports as a part of this paper state that mindfulness meditation clears the pathways to your brain for the required neurotransmitters to travel. These neurotransmitters modulate mood changes and help with mental health issues, such as anxiety, bouts of panic attacks and anger. A clear happy mind is not an achievement but a step in the right direction. 

  • Stress Management

Stress is a silent killer- of enthusiasm, drive, and total human experience. Be it work, home, kids or your own savings, stress is in every part of your existence. Take it with a grain of salt, no amount of your spouse’s love, good food or money in your bank account helps with this one issue. Enter some daily dose of Yoga. A scientific survey (note that surveys change and are often biased under some corporate terms) that included participants of varying age showed a daily Yoga & meditation routine for less than an hour lowers Cortisol levels and up your good-hormone secretion levels. 

  • Dopamine Levels

How are you going to be more conscious if you live in deep denial, constant worry and anxiety? Dopamine is one kind of neurotransmitter that triggers the feeling of motivation and trophy feeling of staying comfortable in your own skin and being. Absence of this or hindrance in its pathway can induce a feeling of insecurity and lack of self-worth. You can very well feel good about yourself and receive motivation from fake external forces, but absence of any important bio-feedback can make this worse in the long run. Yoga & mindfulness can help with the eased-up flow of these transmitters and keep your moods in check. 

  • Trauma-Induced Mental Issues

Imagine carrying a weight of a childhood trauma on your shoulders all your life. Past memories stay and all they do is either hinder your growth or push you to move on. Either way, your brain over-uses its own reservoirs, and thereby come in between your happiness and success. People admit of having a far better experience and relaxed brain functionality on a daily Yoga & meditation regime. They feel free to express their conjured-up emotions easily to others, and their real-life issues like body image problems, stress, mood swings and sour past memories start to disappear. 

  • Cognitive functioning

Yoga & meditation can result into a drastic lifestyle paradigm shift. A pilot study involving a 6-session Yoga program revealed that participants who did Yoga and practiced meditation every day had improved cognitive functioning. This indicates that the participants reported of having a better working memory, increased focus, reward-motivated feelings, and a higher sex drive. All these aspects improve the quality of life and therefore, including Yoga in your daily routine can help you reach a higher state of consciousness. 

  • Physical Limitations

Staying in your comfort zones is a bad idea. Why staying at one place when you can go out and experience the world? Many Yoga instructors who extend their experience by joining a Yoga Teacher Training realize their true potential and unclog any closed pathways to their unexplored state of mind. Even if you are a naïve and want to learn the art, then be prepared to be pushed past your limits, and to be tested on all levels. You will realize how flexible your body is and what a wonderful natural machine it is. The advanced Yoga poses, spiritual gatherings, and new connections shall make you wiser and more conscious. 

  • Clear Head Space

Do you doubt your own decision-making capabilities? Do you fear a change in your life? It is natural to feel this way but it is not at all right to stay within the confinement of your self-induced worries. A fast-paced life surely rewards you with money but it also robs you off of your happiness and joy. This is more like living a stressful life with a noble purpose in mind- Earn and nurture your family. In order to reach a higher consciousness and be clear in your approach, you got to have a clear mind space. Go out in the world, book Yoga retreats for a fantastic experience at a far-flung place, and discover yourself. 

  • Third Eye

Third eye better be looking good in Granny’s folklores and stories, right? Yogis believe in the power of the Third Eye Chakra. There are many things that come into play- stress, lack of exercise, diet, wrong lifestyle habits, and relationship issues. It is believed and even admitted by a number of Yogis that mindfulness meditation or Dhyaan can activate the Pineal Gland or the Third Eye Chakra by clearing up the pathways for blood to flow and neurotransmitters to communicate. Even if it looks difficult or unreal in daily lives, you can certainly be more open to changes and wiser than before by tweaking your lifestyle and exercise routine. 

  • Fears & Doubts

What is your biggest fear in life? Think about it. The list shall go one and you will waste your life contemplating your entire existence. Spiritually, Yoga & meditation pushes you to communicate with your inner demons. These weaknesses can be anger, ill-feeling towards someone, vulnerability to external influences and more. If you think that anyone can easily instigate, trigger or bring about the worst in you, it is high time to check with your weaknesses. It is not always the other person’s fault anyways. Yoga helps with your fears, emotions, and offers you the power to express them without shame or any guilt. This is the true human power. 

  • Building Boundaries

Do you think that certain people drain you no matter what you do for them? Are you an empath who faces difficulties saying no to people? Do you attract energy vampires in your personal life? If yes, then stop blaming the world or yourself and start building healthy boundaries. The art of Yoga offers you the power to express your fears and show your strength with equal intensity. By building healthy boundaries, you will stop people from taking advantage of your good qualities, and thereby elevate the quality quotient of your life. Once this is achieved, the higher consciousness follows. 

Bring in sunshine into your lives by bringing in some change in your lifestyle. Learn Yoga. Embrace Yoga. 

Author Bio

Om Singh is blogging at Retreat Kula, a website that offers affordable yoga retreats and yoga teacher training for yogis around the world.  He is always on the lookout for interesting places to visit. It took him 25 years of his life to realize where his true calling lies, but once that was done, there’s been no looking back. Since the last ten years that he is on the go, He is sharing his travel experiences by writing about them.