In lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels very important role plays physical activity. It can help you achieve and preserve a healthy weight, reduce your risk of depression, heart disease, cancer and stroke. Weight loss and the control of the blood sugar are two reasons why you should exercise. When you move, your muscles release hormones. Whenever you exercise to sweat, hormones produce the hormone called irisin.

Hormones: Irisin

Irisin was discovered in 2012 when a group of researchers at Harvard Medical School found that both people and mice’s produced the hormone during exercise. Later studies found that in mice’s irisin led to weight loss and improved blood-sugar regulation, causing some people to speculate that a drug based on the hormone could be used as a treatment for obesity. Many health problems, like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease are associated with this hormone.

Dr James Brown said “Concentrate on large muscle groups. They contain more separable muscle cells,”.

Hormone: Testosterone

The primary male hormone that is secreted by the testes and increases the sex drive. Also affects the bones, hair and muscle growth.

After a workout, testosterone levels increased in 15 minutes to an hour depending on your age, fitness level preparedness and how intensely you exercise. Your body uses testosterone circulating and helps you build muscle mass. Low levels of testosterone may contribute to heart disease. Here we include blood clots, and abnormal heart rhythms, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Start with aerobic exercise, then start exercising with load: Respondents in a survey showed only 40% rise in testosterone when first exercised on a stationary bike, and then switched to work out with weights. The guys who practised in reverse order testosterone levels were increased by only 3.3 per cent after a workout.

Hormone: Peptide YY

The hormone is secreted in the stomach. Acts on parts of the brain to reduce appetite and satiety, immediately after the beginning of eating. Scientists are not quite sure how it happens. Exercise increases levels of the hormone peptide YY, which makes you less hungry after exercise.

Aerobic exercises seem to have a greater advantage in increasing PYY levels compared with exercises for lifting weights. But sometimes, exercises like jumping rope, have a greater effect on PYY, than exercises like cycling or swimming. If you more interested such as valuable information please visit in