Erectile dysfunction is a male condition in which males are not able to get the erection even when they are fully aroused. Some who are able to get some degree of erection cannot sustain the erection to complete the session with the partner.

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among males after 40. However, in some cases, the problem is found in younger males as well. Once or occasional erectile difficulties are not counted as erectile dysfunction issues. When a male fails to get an erection in more than 60 % of the cases, he is said to be suffering from erectile difficulties. The causes are cholesterol formation in blood arteries, diabetes, blood pressure, and stress and anxiety levels. These days relationship issues, hectic life, lifestyle issues also are coming behind erection issues in males. There are some unexpected causes which are increasingly dominating the list of causes among younger and mid aged males.  These are as follows.

Excess porn watching

Excess porn watching can in certain ways give rise to erection problems.  When a younger male watches porn, it excites him and enhances his arousal and joy. But after a period, the same porn watching leads to loss of sensitivity. The threshold of stimulation increases. The excess watching makes it difficult to get aroused by merely thinking of the female partner. The need for more stimulation arises. It gives the rise to more stimulation for the same level of arousal, which earlier was possible with just one touch of the partner. At the extreme level, the need for higher and higher stimulation decreases sensitivity. A time comes when it is no longer possible to get aroused for an erection.  The joy that comes with porn watching becomes sufficient to satisfy the need for intimacy.


Excess masturbation is another unexpected cause of erectile dysfunction. Both emotionally and physical, the erectile issue emerges with abnormal masturbation level.  The nerves of the male organ become weak. Since a male gets joy from the self administered form, the interest in intimate sessions with the partner comes down gradually.  The lack of interest in physical interaction with the partner emerges when the masturbation is taking care of physical needs of the male.

A stage may come when the male gets excited with the thought of masturbation. And, in the presence of the partner, the lower excitement fails to give an erection. It may not happen in every case, but there are cases where such a problem has created conditions for erectile difficulties.

Drug abuse

Recreational drugs are often used by some males to enhance the joy of a session with the partner. The drugs work efficiently for some time. The addiction leads to consumption which is beyond normal safe levels. It damages the blood vessels in the longer run. The addiction also comes from the fact that without drugs erection cannot happen. The dependency on drugs is a sign of erectile issues.  Here, it is interesting to note the erectile boosting drugs are recommended only to males who face erection failure. Generic Cialis 60 mg is recommended to males with severe cases of erection resistance. This is not a habit forming drug. It is used only when the problem of erection loss is encountered by the males. But other recreational drugs overuse can lead to erection difficulties.

Alcoholism and smoking

Excess smoking and alcoholism often work against the normal erection process.  The health of blood vessels sustains the blood flow. Smoking gives rise to plaque formation in arteries. It leads to blockage of blood vessels, which restricts the blood flow in the body. The reduced blood flow creates erection problems.  The use of Sildenafil citrate 200mg recommended for severe erection problems overcomes the erection resistance. But without cutting down on smoking and alcohol, the root of the problem remains intact.

Alcohol damages blood vessels as well. The damaged blood vessels cannot supply the required blood quantity to the male organ. The combination of both these habits enhances the risk factor and hastens the damage to normal blood flow. The lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and low stamina combine with smoking and alcohol to hasten erection issue by 5 to 10 years in some cases.


These unexpected causes have emerged in recent years due to easy access to porn and drugs. The best solution is moderation. Healthy relations with the partner and support of the partner also play an important role. But the knowledge that these activities can damage intimacy life should be enough to stop these bad habits.

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