Fupa is also known as Fat Upper Public Area. It is quite challenging to get rid off. Mostly it happened after pregnancy. Sometimes It can come from genetics.

Some people don’t think to remove it but some of them health-conscious people always have the determination to keep fit and healthy. We all know extra fat is against good health and personality.

If you have any intention to get rid of fupa without surgery then you have to do some special kind of exercise which can help to burn that extra fat and make you fit again. Here you will find out some best fupa exercise with step by step guide.

All of that exercise is recommended by a certified physician. We are just gathering them together just for you.

Best Exercise to Burn Fupa Fat

There are many exercises that can burn extra fat of fupa. That including


Step 1: Get into the position like push-ups.
Step 2: Put Your entire body weight on your toes and forearms.
(Keep Your Torso Stright)
Step 3: Hold This position as long as you can. And Add more time each time you do it again and again.

Step 4: Do this at least 3-4 times.
(Increase amount of Sets Every Day)

Pelvic Tilt

Step 1: Lie Down In a Plain Place.
Step 2: Bend Your Knees.
Step 3: Place Your Feet Firmly On Flat Ground.
Step 4: Lift Your Pelvis or lower abdomen.
Step 5: Try to To Hold As Long As You Can.
Step 6: Lower Your Pelvis and make sure to do it slowly.
Step 7: Repeat

Mountain Climber

Step 1: Face down and, lie flat on the floor.
Step 2: Make sure that your arms and knees are straight.
Step 3: Slowly Push Up, And Take Up Like Plank
Step 4: Bend Your Knee Toward Your Opposite Arm And Straighten It.
Step 5: And Do The Same Thing With Your Opposite Arm And Feet.
Step 6: Make Sure Your Abdominal Area Feels The Pressure.
Step 7: Do It For 20 Times For Each Side.
Step 8: Increase The Count Every Day.


Bicycle Crunch

Step 1: Lie Down To The Flat Floor Or Ground.
Step 2: You Can Use Your Arms To Support Your Neck.
Step 3: Raise Your Leg In A Position That Allows You To Cycle In The Air.
Step 4: Do It For 20-30 Times

Reverse Crunch

Step 1: Lie On The Flat Ground In A Traditional Crunch Position.
Step 2: Keep Your Feet Flat On The Ground. And Keep Your Hand Under You Head or Neck.
Step 3: Press Your Lower Back And Lift Your Feet Off the Floor.
Step 4: Make Sure That Your Feet Are Together, Bent At 90 Degree Angle.
Step 5: Use Your Core And Pull Your Knees Into Your Chest So That Your Tailbone Can Raise Off The Ground.
Step 6: Now Perform Traditional Crunch With This Position.
Step 7: Lifts Your Shoulder Blades Off The Ground.
Step 8: To Lift Use Your Abs nothing else.
Step 9: Repeat These Exercise As Long As You Can.

Those All are the scientifically Proven exercise to reduce fupa.
Just doing some random exercise cannot help you. You have to do it perfectly. You can take help of the trainer, to know it perfectly. Perform those Fupa exercises Regularly.