We have all seen people launching workout programs for losing weight and going on a specific diet for the same. But, how often do we see them claiming they have achieved what they had intended while building muscles at the same time? Yes, losing fat and gaining muscle together is really some hard work. So, besides eating smart and training heavy, you must put yourself on supplementation and must have a proper plan in place for achieving your desired goals. Nevertheless, finding best weight loss supplements that can help you gain muscle mass at the same time is tricky and you should be careful about that.

Here we have listed the top 5 supplements around that can be helpful in losing weight and gaining muscle. These really are the best and have proven results to back all the claims. Let’s take a look.


  • PhenQ


If you are looking for a double-action supplement that not just help you lose weight but also ensures that you gain muscle at the same time as well, PhenQ tops the list. There are lots of PhenQ Reviews around that will help you find out what people have to say about this amazing supplement. Actually, there are 5 ways in which this supplement helps you target weight loss. First of all it burns fat by increasing your thermogenic and metabolic rates. Next, it stops the production of fat and also suppresses the appetite so that you may not crave for food anymore. It also gives you an energy boost and improves your mood overall. Combining all benefits of several weight loss products in a single pill, PhenQ makes it easy and straight forward for you to lose weight.

What sets PhenQ apart from the rest is that it not only features a uniquely carved out blend of some amazing ingredients, but it also carries a unique constituent as well. Besides, it is based on some cutting edge research and science and a trademark formula that accelerates metabolism and thermogenesis in the body to achieve desired results very quickly. It uses a-Lacys Reset which has been scientifically proven to increase your muscle mass as well. So, you can expect desired results in a short amount of time and will not just be burning fat but will also gain some lean muscle as well.


  • Labrada Nutrition Lean Body Protein Shake


It offers a wonderful combination of muscle gain and fat loss. The protein shake offers you 40g quality whey protein that goes a long way in building lean mass on your muscles. In addition, the product comes included with zero sugar and you do not really need to worry at all about increasing body fat as you gain muscle. The RTD product actually tastes more like some frothy milkshake which comes in variety of amazing flavors.

This lean body protein shake from Labrada is actually fortified with almost 22 minerals and vitamins to give you one complete meal worth of energy with just one shake. As increasing the levels of proteins in the body is known for being one of the best ways of losing body fat, this product gives you an ideal opportunity to gain muscle and lose fat. With zero lactose and gluten, it’s really something amazing.


  • RARI Nutrition Lean Genes


This is another wonder supplement and that’s exactly why it has made it to this list. It carries purely natural thermogenic ingredients that help boost the ability of your body to burn fat as well as boost metabolism. It even helps suppress your appetite. One major difference between the Lean Genes product as well as other competing supplements in the market is that it does not give you any shakes or jitters for overusing the stimulant-type ingredients present in it. The product carries special blends that have been designed in a way that they enhance both your mental focus and mood.

The supplement carries some of the best scientifically-proven ingredients like citrus aurantium, caffeine anhydrous, garcinia cambogia, and vitamins B6 and B12 to enhance your energy levels. Manufactured in GMP certified facilities, the product is something you can rely on and it even offers complete money back guarantee as well.


  • Primal Muscle Primal Ripped


It is one of the best weight loss supplements around that makes sure you get ripped but do not lose any muscle mass. It helps boost your metabolism and also takes your energy levels higher while suppressing your appetite. The supplement can also offer some additional power that can push you beyond your weight loss barriers and increases your physique manifolds. Furthermore, it targets your body fat you have around the belly as well as the love handles.

The supplement relies on a safe, yet highly powerful, combination featuring green tea extract, lipogenics, and caffeine for priming the body for weight loss while making sure that your muscle mass is preserved. The pre-workout energy boost that you will receive can be expected to fuel you right throughout your high-powered training sessions so that you can get bigger and leaner quickly.


  • Sheer Thermo


This thermogenic fat loss supplement is a great way of stimulating fat loss and it uses doses of seven ingredients that have been clinically proven effective. The ingredients make a synergistic combination that works together for naturally burning fat. It just works fine with the metabolic processes of your body for enhancing lipolysis. Every ingredient present in this wonderful product is natural and that includes green tea catechins as well which attack all your stubborn belly fat and reduces the food cravings too. Yohimbine gives you the energy you need for workouts naturally and even boosts the sex drive.

Given a boost with Forskolin, the ingredient that is known to protect the muscle mass, Sheer Thermo makes sure that you only lose excessive body fat. Besides, it has Hordenine that can be helpful in maintaining the levels of adrenaline as you perform your workouts. It helps suppress appetite while decreasing your cravings at the same time as well.

So, these are the 5 best supplements that you can rely on not just for losing weight but also for maintaining muscle mass and even gaining it further. They all have some scientific reasons to back their claims and, obviously, the ingredients that have been proven to offer desired results. Figure out how you can incorporate them into your routine and you’re good to go!