Hair masks, hair oils, and serums are a woman’s best friend, after diamonds, of course! The struggle of keeping hair presentable without damaging is real. But it’s not impossible! During my gap year, I decided to work at a salon. I had to make a choice between working as AT&T Wireless Customer support and a manager at a salon. Well, why I chose the latter is another story that I will share with you some other time. Coming back to the point. When I was working as a manager at this salon, I used to see women with all hair types. From thin to thick, dry to not-so-dry, I saw them all. However, my personal favorite was straight, thick and shiny hair.

During my time there, I learned a lot about haircare amongst many other things.

So, here, I shall share some tips regarding hair care with you all. These are mostly to do with your lifestyle.

You are What you Eat!

It is very important for you to consume a diet that is rich in nutrients. Because whatever you consume reflects through your skin and hair. Before you opt for taking multi-vitamins and going for treatments at salons, pay some attention to your diet. And if you think that it lacks healthy food, then start consuming it. Ideally, you should be consuming leafy-green vegetables, foods rich in Iron and a good amount of calcium to prevent or reduce hair loss. Some of the food items that you should make a part of your diet include:

  • Liver
  • Nuts
  • Avocadoes
  • Cold-pressed seed oils including walnut and flax

Other than this any and every food that is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Silica and Iodine should become a part of your diet. However, the most essential nutrient to add to your diet is protein. Your hair is mainly comprised of protein. Therefore, to promote a healthy growth of hair, you should consume foods that are rich in protein. This includes eggs, lean beef, and broccoli. Once you start incorporating these food items in your diet, the change in the texture and health of your hair will be evident.

I Workout

And you should too!

Working out improves the blood circulation around your body. Exercising means that you will have improved blood circulation that means more blood will flow towards your hair follicles. Getting into the science of it, each hair follicle has blood vessels that provide it with the essential nutrients. Apart from this, they also deliver the oxygen to the hair follicles. When you exercise, more blood will circulate in these blood vessels. Which means that more nutrients and oxygen will be supplied to them that will promote hair growth. And help maintain healthy hair. Hence, you should always nourish your hair follicles through workouts.

Say NO to High Heat

Nothing damages your hair more than heat. But in today’s world, one cannot do without blow dryers and straighteners either. While you cannot help yourself here, you can always choose an option that is less damaging. For example, if you really need to blow-dry your hair, do so on low heat. Your sole purpose is to dry hair quickly right? Well, that is possible by switching the blow dryer to low heat. Because by blow-drying your hair on high heat regularly, you will damage your hair shaft. This can prove to be very unhealthy for your hair. Apart from turning the temperature of the blow-dryer low, you should also be careful about the distance between your hair and the blow-dryer. Try to keep the device at least ten centimeters away from your scalp to cause less damage.

No Hot Showers

If there is anything that you should avoid before reducing the use of blow dryers, it is a hot shower. A common misconception among people is that hot water equals clean hair. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but this does not hold true. Not only does hot water damages your hair, but also irritates your scalp. Hot water sucks all the natural oil from your scalp making it dry. Hence, the itchy feeling. So, substitute your hot water showers with luke-warm or cold ones.

Oil Thy Hair

Oiling your hair can do wonders to it. From making it smooth to giving it a shine, oils do your hair a lot of favor. Oils provide your hair with the vitamins and minerals that help promote its healthy growth. Some of the best oils to apply to your hair are:

  • Olive oil
  • Argon oil
  • Castor oil
  • Coconut oil

While the options are not limited to these alone, they happen to be some of the most popularly used oils in haircare regimes.

Concluding it all, let me warn you that it is not easy to take care of your hair. I wish looking after the health of the hair was as easy as contacting a Charter Spectrum Customer support rep. If you know, you know! Sadly, it is not, and one has to spend a lot of time and effort to keep the hair from thinning. However, with a little TLC and these tips, you can still save the day.

Happy pampering girls! (and boys, of course).