There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones that eat to survive and get and the ones who look forward to every day to appease their taste pallet. I found myself belonging to neither of these groups. That’s why I created a niche group for my entity.  In this group belong the people who think of food as art. They adorn their plates with different colors, are curious about everything, and diversify often so that nothing stays in the esophagus long enough for the taste buds to get immune. These are the kind of people who use food not only as a means to tickle their taste buds but also as an inspiration to generate authenticity and creativity. In my 28 years, I have come across several foods that switch on the IP in me (Ingenuity Plug). As I share with you these foods, I would love for you to think and comment on the foods that turn on your IP. Let’s create some electric outages:

1 – Brunch:

I’ll begin by giving in to fads: Brunch. To me, everything about brunch is beautiful. Its weekly occurrence makes it a scarcity and the mimosas just make it out-of-this-world-fantastic. If you’re one of those healthy people that orders an egg with spinach and wheat toast with a side of fresh fruits, please stop reading this blog asap because I’m about to indulge in a food that breaks all calorie counts- Chicken and Waffles. Ever heard people talk about a couple and say “They are so different- I could have never seen them get together”. Same thing with chicken and waffles. Something so different that comes together and produces some major delight to the taste buds, and probably some major damage to the belly. This creative duo is bound to spark some creativity…. Dare to put two very different things together and produce something outlandish yet beautiful.

2 – 5-Color Salad:

I was once told that in order to live longer, one must eat five colors in a day. And I could not help but orchestrate an amazing salad in my head. You may find this order ironic as I just talked about a heart-attack-guaranteed meal preceding this.  Back to the salad. The first color I choose is green and I would always recommend eating spinach instead of lettuce. Though spinach is higher in calories [lettuce passes through your body like water], spinach is a power food and gives much more energy and nutrients. Next, I adorn my greens with some orange carrots which are great for the eyes. Third comes the red with beets, tomatoes, and red peppers. Then comes the brown with some walnuts and sunflower seeds. Last comes the white with some healthy goat cheese, mushrooms and white protein like chicken or turkey. Once you get creative with your food, the other ideas are bound to follow

3 – Burger on Sourdough Bread:

Nothing gets the juices started like a ½ pound mouthwatering burger on sourdough bread. If grilled right, the chuck in the middle is enough to satisfy but since we’re going all out, go ahead and add some caramelized onions, throw on a few slices of pepper jack cheese and last but not the least some slices of avocados for the perfect touch. No sauces needed, guaranteed. As you sit on the patio and grill these patties and put together this winning meal, you’re bound to think of some other creative things as well. Remember to give us a cut of your million dollar idea. Also, remember to pair this delicacy with sweet potato fries. Because regular fries take 534 burpees to burn, and nobody got time for that.

4 – Whataburger Chicken:

You know what hits the spot EVERY time? Whether you’re rolling up to the drive-thru at 3 AM after a night of partying or at 12.30 PM on a weekday for lunch after some performance review meetings with your boss? Whataburger chicken strip with gravy. If there are angels on earth, they are cooking up a storm in the Whataburger kitchen. The very affordable meal does wonders not only for the taste buds but also shows that great things can come in little square packages! Whataburger always gets me thinking: of all the places that sell chicken strips, what is it about Whataburger that I cannot resist? Is it the comfort of consistent quality, the affordability factor, the fact that the staff is always friendly, or the magic potion in the breading? Whatever Whataburger is doing is what I need to be doing in my business…so that no matter what, I’m my customers’ first choice. PS: whoever that says In N’ Out is going to wipe out Whataburger will have to go to war with me.

5 – Brisket:

Last but not the least, if you’re a Texan, you will nod your head while you read this. We can ALWAYS eat brisket. Pair it up with some creamy corn, let me have some buttery mashed potatoes, and throw in a warm jalapeno cornbread and we will love you forever! Though the taste of any brisket is impeccable, it’s secondary to why I chose this dish. You know what the best thing about brisket is? You will never eat the goodness alone. Someone will always join you! So grab a friend, fill up a pitcher of iced tea, enjoy the meal and let the conversation flow. You will be surprised where it takes you. We guarantee that by the end of your meal, you would have had some sort of epiphany.

I would love to hear back from you, so share with me the foods that spark your IP in the comment section.

About the Author:

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