The most natural way to heal your body and soul at the same time it to eat the food you love to eat. Especially when you are on vacations, that is the time when you are travelling and away from your home. The issue regarding food involves many things such as Is the food you select is tasty or not, The cuisine is healthy or not? Is this food affecting our ethnicity? And the most important question while enjoying the family holiday is that is the food which we eat is good and eatable by our children or not? Now, this question really impacts a parent especially a mother because we have maintained the sheer diet of our children and yes this also defines the taste they are used to of for sure. Last time when I went to Morocco I knew that the food which tasted so good and delicious to me but now this time I was not going to travel alone, instead my family was going to travel with me and my 6-year-old son was is so moody when it comes to food that his nature sometimes annoys me and his father. So I selected 5 best food items in Morocco which my child and all the children can eat and enjoy

Shwarma with Fries

If your child is inspired by the Arabic cuisine then it’s your time to enhance their love for it and make them enjoy the Arabic wrap or Shwarma with fries. This is found in every restaurant and alley on the streets, you can enjoy with your children and have fun.

Lamb Kebab

Then comes the lamb kebab which is specially made by the traditional recipe. I was very eager to make my son taste the dishes in Morocco and then I saw this restaurant which was not very huge but still, their hygienic condition was very good in fact I felt very satisfied from their services. The food included the special lamb kebab for my son and I concluded that these kebabs are the best for everyone as they have so much delightful taste. These kebabs became my kid’s favourite and he included them in his list of things to do in Morocco.

Snake Pastry

The most amazing dish every ate by us was the snake pastry in Morocco, this pastry has an utterly delicious taste. I was very relieved after finding that snake pastry was something which we used to took away in a hotel where we were saying and then eat it anytime. This pastry has the shape of a snake and it is embellished with the almonds on top having the puff taste inside making it an utter delight for the eaters.

Harira soup

This soup is being offered by many Marrakech restaurants. This soup could be taken as the best appetizer with the Khobz. I and my son really enjoyed this soup and he had two bowls of it as the dinner I was so impressed by the taster that I even guessed the recipe and recognized that Harira soup has the enchanted spices of Morocco. So having this soup is the very important thing in your all.

Moroccan date cake

You might have tasted many cakes around the world but have never tasted a cake made with dates and decorated so perfectly. Moroccan date cake is the delight for the kids who love to eat deserted as my child is also sweet tooth. I ordered this cake in Marrakech restaurant and I was amazed by the taste, you can never guess whether the cake is made of dates or not. It tastes like the perfect dry pastry cake. I had it with a cup of coffee and my son had this cake in dinner with the cup of hot chocolate.

The food in Morocco is one of the best things which drags tourism by itself. The food quality and quantity both are very satisfying and that is the reason why Moroccan cuisine is loved by adults and children equally. After observing the response from my son I must say the moms who are eager to travel but depressed by the eating habits of their children to pay a visit to Morocco and let your child taste the dishes there, you won’t regret it!