Have you been practicing yoga for some time and want to move to the next level? Does the idea of teaching this sacred art to others excite you? It is time you prepare for advanced yoga lessons and become a certified yoga teacher. Yoga teacher training provides you complete knowledge about this sacred art apart from its physical practice.

Becoming a yoga teacher gives you the unique opportunity to earn while teaching what you love. It gives you the chance to help others dive deeper into their spiritual self with yoga. Moreover, you also learn to let go of all the negativity and live a stress-free life. However, there are some requirements you have to fulfill to become a certified yoga teacher. Let us find out what these are.

5 Requirements To Become Certified Yoga Teacher

Given below are the five requirements for you to become a certified yoga teacher.

1. Choosing a Yoga Style

Since you have been practicing yoga for some time you might be aware that yoga is not confined to just one particular style. Yoga has a variety of styles including Hatha, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga, Bikram, Yin, and Power Yoga among others. You need to choose a yoga style that is comfortable for you as well as in-demand in the location you plan to teach this ancient art.

2. 200-Hours YTT is Must

In case you are a complete beginner to yoga make sure to complete the 200-Hour yoga teacher training syllabus. This provides you in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, yoga philosophy, and how yoga helps you attain peak mental and physical condition.

Knowledge of yoga beyond its physical aspect helps you understand this ancient art from a mental and spiritual perspective.

3. Apply for Certification

After completing the 200-Hour yoga teacher training from a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school you are done with the hardest part of your journey. You then need to apply for an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification to open up doors to employment as a yoga teacher.

Moreover, you also receive numerous other benefits like;

  • International recognition as a certified yoga teacher
  • Access to free online yoga workshops and events
  • Invitation to special yoga community events
  • Public profile in RYT directory maintained by Yoga Alliance USA

4. Practice and Start Earning

Yoga is a natural way of staying fit that does not have any limits on age, gender, or experience when it comes to unlocking your hidden potential. Completing the yoga teacher training opens up the doors to your employment to teach this ancient art to not just the young and energetic but also the aged.

In short, it opens up a lot of doors for you to not just deepen personal yoga practice but also teach others and earn.

5. Keep Learning

Simply becoming a certified yoga teacher does not make you the best. You need to keep learning about any updates or changes in the yoga industry to stay ahead of others. You still have to maintain and follow the Yoga Alliance standards and continue learning this fine art.


To become a certified yoga teacher you need to seriously commit to bringing about a plethora of positive changes to not just your fitness but your overall lifestyle. Fulfilling the five requirements mentioned above would help you become not just a good but the best yoga teacher.