Well, many daily routine activities are boring. Some of them are worst at their place to practice it daily. I am okay when the morning rises bright with the sun alarming to get up and get ready for going. However, I get irritated when there is a need of brushing-up my teeth every morning. How many amongst you even get bored out of brushing your teeth every day? That’s an irresistible activity for your good health. Because of this reason only I brush-up my teeth every day or else you would find them stinking badly. Ugh! I am Just kidding.

What would be the condition of all those moms who have toddlers in their house? Just think of a situation whereby the mother would run behind her child every morning to make his/her teeth brushed-up in each corner of the home! I would die by laughing upon seeing such drama every morning. It is the scenario of most of the houses that have toddler children. Of course, they would not like brushing their teeth, but it is significant for their health and hygiene. This guide of giving tips to parents about brushing your toddler’s teeth will surely fetch their blessings to us! 

  1. Brush it Together

To mimic something is not a bad deal. The same goes even with your toddler. Watching your child brushing-up the teeth is a sure fun activity, but it becomes pathetic when mornings are busy with work burden. A simple way to make your toddler brush their teeth easily is to brush along with them. Usually, small kids love to imitate the things their parents perform. When you brush with them, they will follow you with an innocent smile on the face that will make your day. It is also a great idea to prevent your washroom from becoming a war-place with your children early in the morning. You can behave dramatically looking into the mirror while you brush and keep the brush near them so that they can enthusiastically copy you. 

  1. Brush Play is Fine

If you are a Mommie of a toddler with plenty of time to spend with your toddler, you can let them play with their toothbrush. You can allow them to suck the toothpaste from their brush – but sometimes. Playing some exciting music while you make your toddler brush their teeth becomes a fun-loving experience. You can sing the same song or even can go for a different song each time they brush to make it charming. Some poetry or rhymes would also make your deal easy to brush-up the teeth of your toddler. During the time of cleaning the teeth in the morning, you can dance a few steps in the bathroom with your toddler baby. Letting them play with their baby hug silicone brush and Chicco toothpaste is okay if they brush their teeth properly in a healthy manner. Brush play is okay only if they keep their teeth clean regularly. 


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  1. Brush The Teddy First

Many times it is the teddy that becomes vital to the parents before their toddlers. It is because their toddlers compel them to make their teddy do all the things before them. A similar case is with brushing up the teeth. If you make the teddy brush first, it is possible that your child will immediately do it for you. While dinner time you make the teddy eats first. Likewise, while brushing time, you clean the teeth of the teddy bear first. If the brushing activity is turned out in a game, the toddler tends to do it more quickly. 

Brush The Teddy First

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  1. You will Brush-Up for Them

If you are parents to some reluctant toddler of the universe, congratulations, you have made your work more difficult. No mimicking, no playing, no dancing, no rhyming, and no force of the world could make your child brush-up the teeth properly. It is the case wherein you need to be a strict parent to your child and brush their teeth by yourself. Here the parent needs to clean the gums properly. Help the toddler with the basin formalities. Make the toddler learn how to spit the toothpaste out of the mouth. Also, parents are supposed to rinse the remains and clean-up the baby. During all of these functions, a parent must be more than patient and superior than calm. Being a parent, you must be by the side of your tot and supervise his brushing battle. 

  1. Make brushing a special occasion

Despite the fact of being a parent to a young tot, you need to consider their brushing undertakings as an occasion. Maybe you can narrate an incidence of some exciting characters like Cinderella tales while your child brushes-up. Maybe the brushing time can be converted into the storytime for your toddler. You can protect the teeth of your toddler best by placing a  resin crown. If you make them brush daily with a proper etiquette you can even protect them sufficiently. You can make this occasion more special by letting your toddler select the funkiest toothbrush while you are in the shop. Also, you can add character to brushing occasion by appraising your toddler a lot for cleaning the teeth. Some fun characters printed on the toothpaste can engage your tot more deeply in the occasion of brushing the teeth. 

Wrapping it up, these five tips are a sure solution to brush your toddler’s teeth. If you are a parent of a young tot facing problems while making your child brush apply either one of them and face the results in your favour. Probably, by looking to your good habits and understanding them better your toddler starts brushing the teeth well! You never know what funny yet creative idea of making your young brush his teeth will solve your daily hustles. Before you land one of these brushing tactics on your child make sure that they know the importance of it. You brush your teeth regularly and properly, right?