Are you constantly involved in something? Do you feel swamped and hard-pressed most of the time? If you are one of literally millions of people all around the globe who are rushed off their feet and up to their necks in work, then chances are that your favourite excuse for feeling sluggish and unenergized throughout the day is: ’I am just too busy to make a change’. We understand you completely. We empathize with you and know what you’re going through. We feel your cries. But, unfortunately, we still cannot condone this behaviour.

Everyone who has ever made a conscious decision to substantially change their lifestyle will tell you that they’ve been through exactly all of that. There really should be no excuses, whatever your personal story is. The most important thing to remember is that this is essentially about you. You might be juggling between three works and raising two kids while being a single parent. But it’s still your health and your life on the line out there, if you do not decide to make an impactful and radical change on time.

Fortunately, we are here to try to help you go through this process and period of change. It’s not easy by any means, but we are absolutely positive that anyone can make a transformation towards a better, healthier version of herself/ himself. Here are some simple ways you can stay healthy and fit, despite being a busy bee all the time.

1. Healthy Eating Habits

This is probably the first thing anyone will tell you if you are trying to shift from being lackadaisical and torpid all the time to feeling all fired up and ready to go out and perform everyday tasks and duties with high spirits and vigour. If you are wondering: ’How do I make time to eat more healthy?’, you are starting off on a wrong foot here. You shouldn’t even ask this question. The right way to approach this would be telling yourself: ’I need to eat healthy’, no ifs, no buts, no further arguments.

Make healthy eating habits one of your top priorities. Things shouldn’t revolve around other things, like work, meetings, and so on. We know this sounds hard, but we strongly encourage you to start off by making small changes. One step at the time. The first decision you can make must be fighting off the urge to eat junk food. This detrimental habit needs to be completely behind you – forget about cheat days, cheat meals, a hamburger here, a slice of pizza there. Just remember that this is all for your own good. This will get easier with time, and you can take our word for granted here.

Once you stick with this healthy eating routine for a longer period of time, you’ll feel enormously better. In fact, you’ll feel so much better than you’ll hopefully forget all about the delicious taste of junk food. This food is called that way for a good reason. You’re stuffing your body with things that are harming and damaging you severely. Instead of doing this, opt for healthy, nutritious food that will keep your mind and body strong, sharp and focused all the time.

2. Learn How To Prepare Quick And Nutritious Meals

Once you’ve set yourself on a lifelong journey of eating healthy, you want to make sure that you know how to prepare quick and nutritious meals. Slowly but surely you will learn which types of food to avoid, and which types to implement into your regular eating plan.

You should also plan your meals ahead of time. Being aware and smart about what you put in your body gives you a serious advantage in life. Pre-cooking your meals will ensure that you always have a healthy option to take. Pre-portioning your snacks will allow you to avoid overeating.

It’s best that you completely stop buying unhealthy snacks. If you want to grab something quick while preparing to go to work, things like smoothies are a far better option. Put a piece of fruit, a scoop of protein powder and some oats in a blender and you’ll start your day all perked up.

3. Regular Exercise Routine

Eating healthy and exercising regularly go together like peas and carrots. This is your new lifestyle and you should embrace it. The advantages of working out regularly are practically endless. Whatever you choose to do, you can’t go wrong. The most important things are to stay active throughout the day and not to skip your routine. If you have trouble maintaining your fitness goals due to many different reasons, you should schedule your workouts to try to keep a healthy lifestyle despite all the distractions.

Things like swimming, jogging, going to the gym, or playing team sports are all great options if you stick to them in the long run.

4. Cycling As A Great Work Out And Commuting Option

If you still struggle to find enough time for working out every day, you can always opt for biking to and from work. This is also a great way to stay fit and healthy. There is the number of benefits of cycling that you will instantly want to hop onto your new favourite two-wheeler and paddle as hard as your legs can endure.

In case you don’t own a bike currently, you can choose one at Bicycles Online and instantly start living a much healthier lifestyle. Not only will you get a chance to stay active, fit and healthy, but you will also get a great means of transportation for commuting to work every day. Electric bikes are an excellent choice especially if you live far away from your office, or you plan on covering some serious distances. It’s always a nice option to have in case you get tired at any time.

5. Make Sure To Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping is the third most common thing that people tend to sacrifice when they are too busy. Eating healthy and exercising are of course the first and the second. But being sleep deprived is no fun. Anyone who went through these long periods of not getting enough bedtime will tell you that you should try to avoid that at any cost.

When you aren’t sleeping as much as your body needs to rest properly, you’re putting your health in great danger. The body goes through a lot of stress, and as a direct consequence your mind gets foggy and your senses fuzzy. You’re not thinking straight and you are not functioning the way you normally can. The ability to solve more complex tasks and problems drops radically when you’re tired. Physically, the body is struggling to keep all the functions running and performing. Consequently, both you and your work suffer to a great extent.

Instead of suffering like this and essentially putting your reputation on the line, it’s far better to make a decision to sleep smarter and stick to it. By creating these sleep rituals you will eventually break the spell and start getting enough good quality rest. You need it more than you think – just like with working out and eating nutritious food.

6. Take Advantage Of Every Chance You Get To Spend Time Outdoors

Spending enough time outdoors is a great way to stay active and motivated. It will make you feel happy and content with your life. Many people today have a Vitamin D (it’s really a hormone) deficiency due to a lifestyle that revolves around staying in closed spaces most of the time. In the mornings and evenings, we are mostly at home, we get in the car or bus to go to work, we spend days in the office and then we go home in the evenings. The cycle repeats every day – it’s like a Groundhog day really. You feel trapped and unable to make a change.

So next time you want to go to work, use a bike as we suggested earlier. Do your meetings and make your calls while walking outside. These little things will all eventually add up and you will most definitely start to see all the benefits.


We gave you six things that you need to do in order to stay healthy as a busy professional. Like any change, it’s not going to be too easy – especially at the beginning. But the most important thing is not to give up and return to your old habits. Slowly but surely you will build up that much-wanted and needed routine. From that point on it’s going to be all smooth sailing for you, since there is no turning back.