Genital warts are one of the most common types of sexually transmitted infections. Also contagious, this disease is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and appears around a man’s penis, scrotum, and anus with freshly growths. It appears around a woman’s vagina, vulva, cervix,or anus.

Are genital warts cancerous?

They are not cancerous with preliminary symptoms but if left unattended, some types of them can grow into becoming a cancerous sign, in due course of time.

What are their symptoms?

Genital warts appear as gray swelling or flesh-colored inflammations. If several warts cluster together, they look like a cauliflower with itching sensations. Some warts are nearly inscrutable for naked eyes.

What is genital warts removal treatment?

HPV treatment associated with genital warts is carried out by topical medication, cryotherapy, surgery, electrocautery, and laser treatment.

The type of treatment said is applied on the health condition or symptomatic sign of the disease by specialist. For instance, in topical medication, a cream/liquid is directly applied on the warts for continuously several weeks. As far as surgery is concerned, it is used to remove the warts by application of a local anesthetic.

When it comes to the treatment for genital warts, the doctor may use more than one treatment simultaneously based on his/her discretion and medical understanding of the disease.

Is genital warts treatment painful?

This is a painless treatment, though the likelihood of experiencing minor irritation or soreness can’t be avoided. However, this side-effect will continue just for two days at best. Your doctor may recommend some painkillers for the relief of the pain, if any.

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