A Company Offers Premium Medical Billing Services

Premium Medical Billing Services
Medical bill and health insurance form with calculator

Sunknowledge Services Inc has been the major driving force in shaping the revenue cycle management industry of the United States of America since the watershed year of 2007 when it was formed.  Since then it has a super successful innings at handling patients, providers and payers alike, with an interesting ensemble of names that included the top players of the medical industry like DMEs or Durable Medical Equipment, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Dermatology, Dentistry, Oncology, Skilled Nursing Services, Urgent Care Billings, Rehabilitation cares, Nursing homes, Pharmacies etc. We deal with different products and services like X-rays and CT in radiology, slings, traction machines, crutches, hospital beds, splints, bards and braces etc in DMEs, orthotics, and prosthetics apart from nursing service expenditure like food, lodging, special treatments, and medications etc.

The reason behind our popularity of medical billing services can be attributed to reasons like our 97% collection of Accounts Receivable, 70% reduction in billing expenditure, turnaround time less than 48 hours, real-time audits and custom reporting, free medical billing software, rapid claim status analysis in denial management, no hidden cost in service fees which is $7 per hour including the prior authorization services, no binding contracts on clients, real-time eligibility checks and fast authorization, line of references by reputed clients. Our clients have been perennially happy with our medical billing services resulting in 100% client satisfaction statuesque and zero attrition rate.

We are providers of end to end as well as standalone medical billing services. Our customer care executives are always occupied with answering quires and solving problems of the clients, both existing and would be, to spread holistic success in the field of medical billing. Our process of billing involves eligibility verification, patient information entry, coding, charge entry, claim submission, payment posting, accounts receivable, denial management and reporting. We specialize in cutting edge technology and digital format, uncompromised communication and client friendly professionalism. We are adept at using all the industry-specific software to the best billing advantage. Our website sunknwldge.com details the profile of our journey in details for better understanding.