Sunknowledge Services Inc has been one of the biggest practitioners of DME billing services in the United States of America since 2007. We have been billing for various DME or Durable Medical Equipment products manufactured and supplied by leading DME dealers of the state. These products are artificially produced medical equipment of daily domestic use like wheelchair, blood sugar strips, nebulizers, hospital beds, crutches, infusion pumps and supplies, suction pumps and walkers etc. Our DME billing standards are based on effective client communication, impeccable professional services, and updated modern functional techniques. In addition to that, the highlights we offer in our DME billing services are as follows.

DME Medical Billing Company

  • 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance
  • 97% Accounts Receivable collections
  • 70% billing cost reduced
  • Free and dedicated accounts managers working all the year around
  • Competitive service charges at $7 per hour including the prior auth cost
  • Real-time audit and custom reporting
  • Excellent references from existing clients across the globe
  • Free medical billing software
  • Rapid claim status analysis in denial management
  • Real-time eligibility checks and fast authorization
  • Turnaround time less than 48 hours
  • No binding contract and no hidden cost for clients

Our DME billing services mean end to end as well as standalone offerings in form of the following. Starting with eligibility and authorization verification, patient information entry, coding, charge entry, claim submission, payment posting, accounts receivable, denial management and reporting. The billing software we are adept working with is Kareo, Emdeon, Meditech, SOS etc. The various advantages of our DME billing services are securing information and data flow between Sunknowledge and its other partners, reporting all low pay and no pay reports urgently to the clients, work on reprocessing of denied claims immediately after receiving the ERA, posting of the ERAs to each of the patient’s accounts, quality check at all stages of the billing process, turn around time is 24 to 48 hours.

Please visit our web site sunknlowldge to know more about the profile. We are active throughout the year to meet client’s queries.