A Complete Approach to Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Right at the onset of the appointment, when a patient seeks an appointment, the cycle starts. A patient arranges for an appointment and administrative staff responds. A lot of the activities related to pre-registration set the tone for a comprehensive revenue cycle management approach. Handling the scheduling, eligibility verification, patient account establishment all becomes an important aspect.

Scheduling and registration and getting up to date information are extremely important from a revenue cycle management perspective. It helps in providing the groundwork by which the claims can be collected and billed in the perfect manner.
Often setting the right checks and balances with front end revenue cycle management is extremely vital. After all, the progression of the events when a patient makes an appointment and the reimbursement is secured for the service is possible with task-specific activities.
as a healthcare provider, finding a reliable medical billing outsourcing partner, working as your growth partner! Can that be a viable idea ahead? Why not find a pool of resources that will work as your TEAM. We assure you care for your patients and want to spend a little bit more with them than your administrative liabilities. Finding a quality RCM partner, understanding your billing needs will be extremely important.

Why Sunknowledge is your destination: A Complete Healthcare RCM Hub

Sunknowledge is HIPAA-HITECH compliant, next-gen healthcare revenue cycle Management Company working with both payers and providers with great credibility over the last decade. It has been the talk of the town, for its flexibility and ability to work as a reliable operational extension for leading providers of the country.
It also helps in the shrinking of the AR bucket by 30% in a month. Expert and trained staffs are appointed for dedicated services. Only we can offer a complete range as well as an a la carte approach with our task-specific activities in eligibility verification, prior authorization, denial management, accounts receivable recovery.

Our approach
You are always welcomed to check out our website. Let our experts share with you, our functional best practices and ability to offer a complete medical billing approach for improved cash flow. Drive your ROI with the Sunknowledge advantage this season!