Today, the vast complex medical billing process is dividing the attention span of many physicians and shifting their interest from patient care. This is why Healthcare providers are comfortable working with different operational extension to ease out the complex billing process.  The reasons why healthcare providers are opting for such outsourcing organization areas:

  • being unable to keep up with the ever-changing complex payer requirement and other regulations
  • Unable to handle the complex proper prior authorization process
  • Lack of Continuous follow-up
  • Unaware of new coding and billing mandates
  • Stuck between administrative work and medical billing process
  • Lack of skilled resources and many more

A successful RCM organization requires a lot of experience, in-depth knowledge, and continuous follow-up during the medical billing process. Today though there is plenty of outsourcing organizations, providing the best solution for all your medical billing problems, choosing the right operational extension becomes very vital.

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Sunknowledge Services Inc the perfect medical billing solution:

Sunknowledge Services Inc a task-specific complete RCM destination, capable of handling both pre-billing and post billing activities for more than 20 specialties. Being the only RCM organization offering pre-billing activities, which start from data entry; insurance verification; eligibility verification through call as well as online as well as prior authorization; we also ensure proper doctor offices follow-up and patients call to achieve the necessary documents which are needed for the medical process along with scheduling the delivery. Also excelling in post billing activities which includes creation, submission, and rejection of Claims, along with cash posting, A/R follow-up and rejection, and denial management our experts ensure the highest productive metric with complete operational transparency.

How we are better than Brightree Billing services?

Being 70% cheaper than Brightree Billing services, our experts are proficient in working on several industries standard and billing software like Prime Rx, Futura, SOS, Brightree billing services and many more; this is rare in the RCM world. Apart from reducing the operational cost by 80% we also ensure 97% highest collection rate and 30% shrink in your account receivable bucket which no other RCM organizations offer.

So if you are looking for a streamlined operation better than Brightree billing service along with a revenue generation, 24*7 medical billing assistance and a no binding contract, Sunknowledge Services Inc is definitely worth a try. Call our experts over a ‘no commitment call’ and see how our experts can help you in easing your medical billing problems.