A Detailed Look At Zirconia Crowns And Its Properties

A Detailed Look At Zirconia Crowns And Its Properties

A white crystalline oxide of zirconium is known as zirconium dioxide, commonly known as zirconia. It’s a metal that is classified under the titanium family and easily found around the world. Zirconia is pretty durable, which is why this is considered one of the best material for a dental crown. Its strength can be judged based on being used as a dental crown for the posterior crowns that are regularly used to grind and chew the food we eat, which would need a lot of strength.

Out of all the other types of crown, zirconia crowns are the strongest crown at this moment and a hundred per cent biocompatible. Currently, zirconia crown cost in Hyderabad is pretty affordable if you are looking to get these crown done for yourself or a family member. There are multiple types of zirconia that are manufactured. 

Types of Zirconia

In general, there are two common types of zirconia crowns that can be used for dental purposes: 

  • Solid zirconia crown
  • High Translucent Crown

These crowns can be easily manufactured with the help of CAD-CAM technology which essentially means Computed Aided Designing and Manufacturing. The manufactured zirconia crowns look precisely close to the original tooth. Let’s have a brief look at both the types.

#1 Solid Zirconia Crown

Just as the name, it’s solid and stronger compared to high translucent zirconia crown, mainly preferred for teeth where heavy chewing & grinding can occur. This type of crown is also used for root canal therapies, as it’s strong in nature that can support the weaker teeth inside. These are not transparent or are hazy, so it’s mostly used for teeth at the back of the mouth.

#2 High Translucent Crown

These are of higher quality than the solid zirconia crowns, they look exactly like the real teeth after they are manufactured which is why they are mostly used for the front teeth. They are considered superior to any other type of crowns and are generally stronger t=cmpared to porcelain dental crowns. When it comes to alignment of your teeth, high translucent crowns are never preferred.

Zirconia Crown Advantages

  • Completely biocompatible
  • Better Looks
  • Tough Material
  • Without Any Metal
  • Makes You Confident

Completely Biocompatible

The zirconia is so compatible with being the host inside the human body and is used for chewing, grinding heavy food as well. There has never been a complaint regarding the crown not supporting or facing issues after its placed on the gum. The biological tissue reacts with the non-bio zirconia material pretty well.

Better Looks

Since zirconia in white in nature, its best for being used as a teeth replacement. Since it’s translucent as well, it easily imitates the translucent nature of your actual teeth. The colour of these crown can be made to be an exact shade of white as your other teeth.

Tough Material

Unlike other material that are used for dental crowns like porcelain, zirconia never breaks as its extremely strong and possibilities of chipping off are next to zero. It can easily take heavy chewing and biting forces and almost 5X stronger than both crowns made of porcelain and crown made of porcelain fused with metal.

Without Any Metal

Earlier a lot of people liked having Gold manufactured crowns but not anymore, people prefer to look good and want to look young with a good set of teeth. For people like them and in general as well, Zirconia crown are a perfect fit, they look good and are strong and there is no metal present in them.

Makes You Confident

Unlike porcelain crowns which are bind with metal into the gums in order to make them stable, the issue was that these metal linings were pretty visible. In the case of zirconia, that’s never an issue, and they can be shaped a way to match other shapes of your teeth.

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