The revenue cycle is the key to all clinical, administrative and financial background this is why it requires skilled resources to manage it. In the medical billing industry for your secure reimbursement, all you need is a security organization working for an effective billing solution. Starting from the collection of vital information such as diagnostic code, date of birth, name, address, and gender to managing claims all are needed in the revenue cycle management. Sunknowledge Service Inc a 100% HIPAA Compliant provides excellent practice management/revenue cycle solution to more than 100 clients including Medtronic. We are expertise in billing system with Brightree, FastTrack, Kareo, Prime Rx, DME works and many others to maximize the profitability.

What Makes Sun knowledge Superior To Brightree Billing Service?

With being 70% cheaper than Brightree, we do not compromise on the quality of service provided by us. A no-cost dedicated account manager serving 24*7 for all your Medical Billing problem with guarantee collection up to 97% even from ageing account is one of our specializations. A standalone/end to end service that can be rendered with no contractual binding, where one can stop the service if not satisfied is what even Brightree billing service isn’t offering.

With free medical billing software, EMR and set up we provide a real-time eligibility check. With a track record of instant 80% reduction in your current billing cost, 30% reduction in AR bucket and our expert effective solution for your revenue generation has been the talk of the industry. Our Sun knowledge team is excellent in providing task-specific activity according to your priorities.

Sun knowledge Other Benefits we Offer:

  • Turnaround time less than 24- 48 hours
  • 100% Prior Authorization submission on the same day
  • Operational transparency with no hidden cost
  • The only RCM Company specializing in pre-certification

So in order to get a streamline operation for continuous profitable cash flow to speak to our Sun knowledge experts over a ‘no commitment call’.