It is often asked how a pregnant woman can certify the fact whether she is pregnant or not. There are some early pregnancy signs but most of the tests are conducted at the doctor or you can undertake it at your own home. Let us now through the series of tests as follows

Home tests

This test is undertaken in digital or standard format. You can use digital tests between 4 to 6 days of your missed period whereas the standard ones can be used up to 4 days of your last missed period. Just take note of the fact that if you undertake the test a lit bit earlier the chances of an opposite result could emerge. With a false negative it says that you are pregnant, but the opposite principle holds valid.

Just take the test the first thing in the morning as the hormone and urine levels are in a phase of concentration. Go for a clean container in order to collect the sample of urine. If the tests have turned negative, you can try this test a few days after your period has not gone on to start. If there appears a faint line the chances are evident that you are pregnant.

Clinical urine

This is a test that is normally performed at the chamber of a doctor. Once again this test is based on the model of HCG detection but the only difference appears in the form that when you avail the services of a professional you can eradicate any chances of errors. You also have to bear in mind that this test is a bit costly than a home pregnancy test

Blood tests

These are tests undertaken at the chamber of a doctor. Here the presence of HCG is detected in the blood levels of a woman. But it is a bit expensive than a home test and the results do take a wee bit longer to appear. Normally there two types of pregnancy tests

The first appears to be the quantitative blood test which goes on to check whether there is any HCG produced in the body or not. It would give a simple yes or not to confirm the fact whether you are pregnant or not. With the help of these doctors are going to certify whether you are pregnant, which could be as early as the date of your last missed period. But in case of most tests they can go on to detect HCG much earlier.

Then we come across the qualitative HCG blood test, because among the different types of pregnancy tests this seems to be the most accurate. As the specific concentration of HCG in blood is figured out this could be really useful during the duration of pregnancy. They could be used in combination with other tests to check out for abnormalities when you are pregnant. The moment your lab test results come out the doctor is going to check out the HCG levels.