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My brief writing career comprises of writing short articles for Medical, online magazines and blogs, writing features for local monthly magazines and developing marketing material for offshore clients. I've experience in creating engaging yet optimized content for search engines.

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DNA Genetic Testing

6 Things You Need to Know About DNA Test

A DNA test can tell important information about the genetic information. People take DNA tests for a variety of reasons and this examination has...
Baby Pacifier

Do I Really Need a Baby Pacifier?

From the point of view of the new parents, it’s essential to know what can help their newborns to grow quickly and stay healthy. ...
How To Quickly Remove Visible Hickey On The Neck

How To Quickly Remove Visible Hickey On The Neck

Do you not know how to quickly get rid of hickey on your neck? Then read carefully — unwanted signs of love. The most significant and...
family health insurance

What is the Best Way to Secure the Health of your Family?

Family is arguably most precious aspect of any individual’s life. It is therefore essential to take proper care of them and their health. Health...
beauty salon supplies in UK

5 Servicing Businesses That Need a Good Supply to Succeed

Services businesses are often considered to be less supply needed business. That is because of the nature of the business, which is to provide...
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