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Kavita is Outreach Specialist cum Content writer. When not glued to her laptop, she can be found making travel plans that rarely happen :wink: Connect with Kavita on Twitter @dreamerkavita

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How to control hair loss

As we know due to our busy schedule, we don’t have time to take care of our hair. We use different types of hair...
Vibration Machine for Weight Loss

Surprising Benefits of Using Vibration Machine for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, there is no substitute for exercise. Dieting, or rather taking care of your diet is equally important, but...
Symptoms of PTSD

Do I Have PTSD?: Top 10 Signs and Symptoms of PTSD

Do I Have PTSD?: Top 10 Signs and Symptoms of PTSD Are you asking yourself, "Do I have PTSD?" Read on to learn about the...

5 Ways for Increased Wellness for Students

Students are the most stressed group of people in today's world. Increased competition, complex subjects, and the pressure of fulfilling expectations have made it...
Health Problems

Health Problems Caused By Increased Screen Time

Surrounded by so many digital products, it's unsurprising that most of us are addicted to some form of screen. Upon waking up, many of...
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