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exercise and heart disease

Exercise and Heart Disease

Exercising is very much beneficial and helps in improving the health of humans. Exercise is one very important thing that the heart needs to...
Dental Implants

10 Habits that Cause Dental Problems

As scary as it may sound, may sound — it is the truth, there are time when we end up damaging our oral health...
Fitness 19 gyms

Fitness as you Age

An active and healthy lifestyle is more important as you grow older. Regular exercising has benefits like boosting energy, managing symptoms of pain and...
Healthy Tips For Pregnant Women

Healthy Tips For Pregnant Women

Getting pregnant may be exciting but it also comes with a lot of responsibility as well. Responsibility? Yes, you have to take care of...

How Depression Impacts the Immune System

I’ve been suffering from depression for as long back as I can remember. And if I were asked to put a starting date to...