Testosterone replacement therapy isn’t something that you purposely choose. Instead, it chooses you. You thought it was fun topic to read about, but didn’t expect to take it seriously until at-least your mid-30s. Life often has different way of throwing curveballs. Thankfully my life’s curveball exposed me to the fantastic benefits of testosterone replacement therapy

Due to much online research, I received a male hormone panel blood test, and it shockingly revealed I had low testosterone.  29-years-old & sitting with the blood levels of geriatric.  What I am going to do?

Looking back, I had symptoms of low Testosterone for a couple of years preceding test, but I took for granted. I never contemplated the possibility of low T in my 20s.

Sadly, I believe this affliction affects many men just like me. Men who are suffering in because they refuse to get checked, are evaluated by a Physician unaware to check for Testosterone Deficiency.

So now in the age of 29, interviewing multiple Doctors & even more back and forth personal deliberation, I finally decided to bite bullet & choose a physician managed TRT.

All of this information allowed me to feel informed enough to start down the path of testosterone replacement therapy. Ultimately, no amount of reading can prepare for real-life experience of supplemental Testosterone coursing through your body.

After months of working with Doctor, here are the a few benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

Better Mood

I am a believer that mood is the result of your thinking. However, when hormones are out of whack, you don’t realise how much effect it has on your thoughts, as mind & body are indeed one.

Before testosterone replacement therapy, my moods were lower & subject to change, I remember I used to have slumps, feeling down for days on end & I could never understand why I had no desire to work-out.

Now I feel much more ‘on it”. It’s difficult to describe, but I feel my energy is more aligned. I still experience the ups & downs of life, but they are rare, and I’m overall super positive.  Testosterone gives you that “YEAH, I GOT THIS” feeling.

Increased Libido

I noticed my interest in sex gradually diminishing & I would feel ambiguous toward it. Thinking back, it seems pathetic a virile man in 20’s had a declining desire for SEX.

Libido is among hallmarks of youth, and when it’s diminished, you notice the effect it has on your energy & vigour.

Libido is a complex issue and is not necessarily solved by testosterone alone. In my case, TRT helped in improving my desire to a level higher than I had experienced previously. It’s cool to see some recently released studies validating my own experience.

Improved Workout Performance

In the year before TRT, I became disillusioned with my training in the gym. I struggled tremendously even to put on a small amount of muscle.

Increased strength is one of the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy analysed every aspect of my diet and training, and I questioned myself: maybe I wasn’t training hard enough? Maybe my diet wasn’t that good after all? I’m no Mike Mentzer, but I thought my efforts merited more than I was getting. I figured because I was training a few years that I had maxed out my genetic potential & couldn’t grow any more.

After undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy, it’s clear that my low T stalled my progress. Now I train with higher intensity, and I have an unparalleled sense of urgency to kick ass during my workout. For better performance, testosterone enanthate 250mg is the best option to get along with.