What is B-12?

Vitamins and nutrients play an important role in maintaining a healthy body. They help our body to improve metabolism, make bones strong, makes skin and hair shiny and more beautiful. Vitamin B-12 improves the health of blood cells and nerves. Vitamin B-12 is very much essential for the human body. Having a deficiency of  Vitamin B-12 can cause the following issue in the body :

Mouth ulcers, headaches, depression, laziness, pale skin color and most of the danger you can face is Anemia. If you are suffering from anemia, then your body will be unable to produce enough red blood cells and as a result, people experience breathing problems and suffocation. So, In order to make the body work properly, it is very important to take the required amount of B-12 in our body.


Methods of intake:

Vitamin B-12 is taken by a body in various ways. It can be either directly taken from the mouth or it can be injected into the body. The consultant doctor suggests the right method according to the patient’s condition. Many B-12 supplements are also available in the market so that the dosage taken through supplements can directly be absorbed by the body. Because, if the body is unable to absorb, then there is no benefit of taking B-12 through any method.

Certain Points to keep in mind:

While choosing the supplements, you must first consult your Doctor. Then go for what he prescribes. Before choosing a B-12 supplement, the following points should be taken into consideration :

Try to choose the supplement that contains a good quantity of MethylCobalamin. It is the most natural form of Vitamin B-12 that a person could take. It has the ability to store get absorbed by the body more than any other form. To ensure the presence of MethylCobalamin in the supplement you are going to use.

Avoid using Fortified foods or products containing B-12 Fortified foods. Although if you read the definition of fortified supplements, you will get to know that they contain more organic nutrients in them. Which is quite a good thing. But our body needs more natural nutrients as compared to the ones which are made in a laboratory after much processing. Our body may not absorb the processed foods or nutrients properly as it absorbs the natural ones. So, it should be kept in mind that the supplement we are choosing is processed or natural!

Best B-12 Supplement available on the market:

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