Facial oil did not get the attention it deserved in the past. But thanks to the millennial beauty trend and new research, facial oil is rising on the trends back again. Facial oil does much more than prep your skin for makeup. It can heal, cure and restore your skin from inside out, to say the least.

Skin experts claim that these oils can be used as a part of the daily skin care routine and have shown proven benefits for your skin. Use of natural oils for beauty reasons is not a fad as often claimed by chemical based cosmetics manufacturers.

We know how much you care for your skin. And we know that you are surrounded by many myths regarding facial oils. Hence, here we created an article to dispel all the dark myths and assure you that facial oil is absolutely a wonderful thing to apply. It will change the way you take care of your skin. So just read on through our list of best facial oil. Choose the option that suits you to change your skin for good.

The best facial oil to use this summer:

Facial oil

  • Lavender oil– The list of essential oil will remain incomplete without lavender oil. This oil has multifarious benefits on your skin. It moisturizes and protects the skin from sun damage. You can mix this oil with your regular skin care products and feel your skin improve in every way.
  • Lemon Balm oil– This oil contains anti-oxidants like ferulic acid and caffeine. Thus this oil helps the skin to fight with the harmful sun rays and polluted air. Your skin becomes smooth and the oil will also cast a shield in your skin thereby repairing and protecting it.
  • Rosehip Oil– Here is another oil that does much more good to your skin than regular creams. Rosehip oil is derived from a special type of rose bush. It is rich in fatty acid and makes skin smooth. Rosehip oil is known to improve skin complexion. It also protects the skin from regular exposure to pollution.
  • Sesame Seed Oil– Sesame oil has a natural concentration of oleic and linoleic acid. These are known to make skin soft and supple. Regular use of sesame oil in your beauty regime will improve the texture of your skin. Your skin will look more toned and firm. Sesame oil seeps deep into the skin pores and improves circulation.
  • Grape Seed Oil– This special beauty oil is a well-known anti-aging agent. The collagen content in the oil makes the skin supple and firm. It makes the skin firm and thus renders a youthful look. This oil contains polyphenol which helps to soothe inflammation. We can use grapeseed oil as a natural age-defying elixir.
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil– This particular oil is rich in fatty acid. It has good doses of antioxidants that heal the skin cells from deep within. Other than that, the skin is also rich in many vital nutrients and minerals. The oil has doses of zinc and potassium that also forms an important part of skin care.
  • Jojoba Oil- Jojoba oil is a great moisturizing agent. This oil can be applied to even the driest of skin type. It helps the skin to soften and thus makes skin glow. It repairs and heals skin and makes it soft and supple. (Get Pure Jojoba Oil here)
  • Almond Oil– This oil is rich in good fats that take care of your skin from within. The oil is rich in omega 3 that acts as a superb hydrating agent. Research shows that almond oil eases the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. It also soothes irritated skin.
  • Rose oil– Rose oil is majorly used in aromatherapy and aids in the release of good hormones. It moisturizes your skin, prevents the appearance of fine lines and also helps with ironing out wrinkles. Rose oil also has healing properties and helps with the cure for eczema and other skin problems. It helps to reduce dark spots and marks.
  • Marula oil– Marula oil works best for irritated and sensitive skin. It replenishes the lost moisture from your skin and hydrates it from within. Marula oil is replete with fatty acid and thus works wonders for dry skin. However, be careful to use it with other carrier oils. Marula oil is also known to help with mature skin as it has lots of anti-oxidants.
  • Pure Argan Oil– The last warrior in our list, pure Argon oil concentrate will work wonders for your skin. It is derived through a cold pressed process so that the natural properties of the oil is retained. Use argan oil to hydrate your skin as well as hair. Its fatty acid is extremely nourishing for your skin.

The list comes to an end but your options don’t. Make beauty oil your constant companion and see how you ditch other cosmetics very soon. Get a glowing complexion and loads of compliments.