Dentistry is an important part of medical practice. After all, teeth are not only just parts of the mouth but also a factor when it comes to the overall beauty and aesthetics of the face. Whether it be for medical concerns such as a root canal or wisdom teeth removal or aesthetic reasons such as whitening of teeth, finding and relying on a relying dentist is vital. It is important to understand that teeth are an essential part of the human body and should be dealt with only professionals when it comes to these concerns.  

Forest Hill Dental Clinic, TOOTHPALS is an amazing choice for all dental concerns. Located near the Forest Hill train station, the clinic aims at providing the best health services for anyone’s dental needs. They are well reputed for their wide range of cosmetic treatments and are also a member of the Colosseum Dental Group. This includes procedures such as whitening, hygienist cleans and veneers. They also provide routine check-ups, and procedures needed for the general maintenance of one’s oral health and hygiene. They are also specialised in procedures such as diagnosis and screening. They also perform surgical procedures.

The clinic also is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for their services. The clinic has digital x-ray equipment, air conditioning, a dedicated children’s area for the little ones to play while waiting, a general waiting area for all patients and access to wheelchair provisions, and so on. The location of the dental clinic is also convenient as it has good transport links and is easy to get to. The clinic also has multilingual staff. This is incredibly convenient and helpful as the language barrier is broken; therefore, patients can easily converse and convey their grievances and problems without having to worry about miscommunication or not being able to comprehend.

NHS is one of the several treatments provided in the clinic alongside others such as private dentistry and hygienist. They also have services such as inlays, periodontics, prosthodontist, endo-surgery, endodontics, braces, scaling, polishing, pulpectomy and laminates.

The clinics’ services are safe, effective, and responsive. They strive to be caring and are well-led. This adds to the high recommendation and reputation of the practice. Previous patients all stay as a testament to their great treatment and provide credibility for the same. The unit and all the staff involved are committed to providing excellent and high-quality treatment. All in the practice are always looking for opportunities to make their patients’ overall health better.

In order to maintain good oral health, maintaining a good check-up routine with a reliable clinic is absolutely mandatory and the Forest Hill Dental Clinic is definitely one that can be trusted. It has all the right services provided by the best practitioners. From reliable doctors to staff who are committed to making your life and oral health better, it is no doubt that TOOTHPALS is one dental clinic that everyone in the area would recommend without a second thought.