CyberKnife – a change in India cancer care

CyberKnife Treatment is the first robotic radiosurgery system worldwide that provide new hope to patients diagnosed with tumors and lesions which are expected to be untreatable and is anywhere in the body. This treatment is the innovative way to treat cancer and offers a non-invasive alternative to surgery. CyberKnife removes the requirement for invasive surgery and permits the patient to go home instantly after the treatment. However, according to its name, CyberKnife patient expects that it involves scalpels and surgery but in contrast to that this treatment consists of an incision. It is designed to treat tumors non invasively as it offers a non-surgical option to patients who experience complex tumors in the form of surgery or for those who are seeking for an alternative to surgery.

Advantages of CyberKnife treatment

CyberKnife treatment is a new alternative treatment where surgery is not possible or is complex. The best advantage of CyberKnife treatment is that it completes within one to five sessions depending on the condition. Under this treatment, x rays are continually capturing images of the tumor, which help experts to compare its location as per treatment plan out. This unique tracking capability leads to accurate delivery of radiation by unaffecting the healthy tissues and organs.  It has many advantages some are listed below:

  •       It is pain-free, non-invasive radiosurgery.
  •       It reduces the treatment time and effectively treats the affected areas with minimal side effects and great accuracy.
  •       This treatment treats tumors through dynamic motion tracking and which result in few complications.
  •       Duration of CyberKnife treatment is less in comparison to other cancer treatments.
  •       After the treatment is done, the patient can instantly return back to their normal work routine as it can be performed as an outpatient process.
  •       This treatment works with minimal exposure to healthy tissues and a high degree of precision.
  •       The best thing about CyberKnife treatment is that it can treat any kind of tumor and at any part of the body with perfect accuracy.

 CyberKnife treatment vs. other radiosurgery treatments

Generally, other cancer treatments comprise of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Out of these three chemotherapies have many side effects like hair loss and nausea. It can also harm healthy tissues which surround the tumor and leads to blistering, itching, and skin dryness. Other cancer treatments involve incisions, stitches, and anesthesia and which leads to lengthy recovery following the surgery.

In contrast to it, CyberKnife treatment is a noninvasive technique which permits patients to do their daily routine work. This treatment work with the help of its image guidance software and which helps experts for high dose radiation beams with exact precision. It does not harm healthy tissues and also prevents from adverse side effects as there in other cancer treatments. Cyber Knife is best as it allows the patient to relax all through the treatment. CyberKnife treatment cost in India ranges from USD 7000 to USD 8000 and is undertaken in about one to six sessions. Usually CyberKnife radio surgery last amid 30 to 90 minutes and depends on the number of beams used to treat the tumor along with a degree of motion show by the target. In mostly all cases, tumors being treated within three treatments and it’s rare if the procedure extends for about one week.

Top doctors for CyberKnife treatment in India

  •       Dr. Sandeep Vaishya, Gurgaon – having 20 years of experience
  •       Dr. Aditya Gupta, Gurgaon – having 21 years of experience
  •       Dr. VP Singh, Gurgaon – having 30 years of experience
  •       Dr. Vipul Gupta, Gurgaon – having 21 years of experience

 If you want to go back to living after tumor, then CyberKnife treatment is the best option for you. With the help of this treatment, cancer care experts will make it possible to give the most effective treatment with the least possible time.