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It is difficult to talk about sexual problems with anyone. But the millennial people need to understand that sex is a physical process that drive the world. Hence it is very important to break the taboo and address your problem to the specialist who is medically evolved and has been qualified to take care of men’s private problems.

Jaipur, capital city of Rajasthan in India is progressing and has been witnessing a lot of brave people coming out of their awkwardness and talking about their sexual problems. Dr Chirag Bhandari, the sexologist in Jaipur, who is also founder of  IASH, an exclusive hospital in Jaipur that is dedicated to taking care of many men’s problems related to infertility or sexual health, is rapidly becoming popular in the city.

The people refer to sexologist doctor in Jaipur for all their sexual problems like delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, tight foreskin, infertility, low libido, less sex drive, etc. These problems if not treated on time may lead to bigger mental and physical issues.

So if you are facing a problem of delayed Ejaculation then you should visit the sexologist in Jaipur for the right treatment. Dr Chirag Bhandari is not only experienced but also well qualified and has a lot of exposure towards treatments.

But are you well aware of the problem Delayed Ejaculation?

If not, then read further to have a brief idea about its symptoms, causes , treatment and how much it will cost you.

Understand Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

The terms ‘delayed ejaculation’ (DE) and ‘retarded ejaculation’ (RE) mean the inability of a person to reach a climax inside the vagina.

I have seen many men with this problem. In more than half of these cases, the man could eventually orgasm inside his partner’s vagina. But unfortunately, there was little improvement.

Some people can ejaculate only after a long period of sexual stimulation, even if they have the normal desire and normal erection. Sometimes men do not achieve ejaculation at all, we know this problem of men as Delayed ejaculation.

How common Is Delayed Ejaculation Problem?

Well, it is a common problem after erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. They also consider these problems as the major causes of impotence in men.

How is Delayed Ejaculation Treated?

Delayed ejaculation needs a lot of patience and expertise to treat it. It is not easy to curb this problem. We have also noticed that in only 58 percent of cases showcase improvement after the treatment. And the amazing fact is that all the successful cases were the couples were enthusiastic about the treatment and were ready with long-term therapy.

Though this problem is one among major problems still there is = not much known about it. Only the Exceptional works of Masters and Johnson and Helen Kaplan and their colleagues in the United States are our instructing guide towards this problem.

BE cautious when you choose the delayed ejaculation treatment

Some material on the web can mislead and may just be an advertising scam to withdraw money for a ‘cure’ which is of questionable value. It is important to be cautious and aware of everyone who wants to sell you pills!

Some sites even confuses Delayed ejaculation with premature ejaculation

What can be the cause for delayed ejaculation in men?

Most experts believe that the cause is usually psychological. We have noticed that many of the men who suffer from delayed ejaculation are control freaks in their lives.

Some have very low sex drive because of the isolation behaviour or for the workload. The men who have reached the top of their business are also among the men who have this problem. It is surprising to see how many men from the finance industry suffer from this problem.

Other possible factors include:

Fear of commitment or getting their spouse getting pregnant.

Strict towards religious faith and norms.

In recent years (2010–2015), a new study said that some people suffering from DE may have been undergoing vigorous rubbing during masturbation that when they are performing with women, they don’t achieve the orgasm with the stimulation provided by a woman’s vagina.

How can Delayed Ejaculation Cause Problems?

Delayed ejaculation can cause the problem with either individual self-esteem or in married life.  A man can have feelings of inadequacy if he can’t have a proper intimate relationship with a partner.

Such problems can also lead to mental issues and physical issues if not treated on time..

Treatment for Delayed Ejaculation by Dr Chirag Bhandari?

The sexologist in Jaipur follows the most common practise based on the research of American experts. He helps the patient’s developed behavioral methods to help him relax and ‘let go’ when he is enjoying with his partner.

He also tries to get the things rightly done through counseling.With the help of counselling he gradually develops a conscious mind of his patients that helps the patients to have stress free time with their partner on a bed.

Treatment also  depends on the root cause. Doctor Chirag Bhandari will directly ask you to get a urine test or blood test to determine if a health problem is underlying it.

They will then give you some medications and see if it controls the symptoms.

If you are an alcohol or drug addict, perhaps some anti-alcohol therapy programs will help.

Psychological counseling can help overcome stress-related issues that will reduce DE (delayed ejaculation). Some sex therapy can also help to fix delayed ejaculation, which applies to both you or you and your partner.

Many people prefer Ayurvedic treatment to cure sexual diseases such as ED, PE, and DE. Vajikarana therapy in Ayurveda is very fruitful in this case because it is related to male infertility and masculinity.

Apart from all these aforementioned remedies, individuals can always follow some lifestyle changes such as eating habits, exercise, healthy routines that can contribute positively to sexual health.