Getting pregnant is one of the cherished dreams of every girl since childhood, when she plays with her toys and when she reaches adulthood and gets married this dream gets bigger and bigger. Anyhow an abortion is not a pleasant thing to do. But today abortions are done at an alarming rate. One of the reasons for abortion is the sex of the fetus. In this the woman undergoes abortion if the fetus is not male; abortion is done if the pregnancy is a risk to the mother and if the fetus is not a healthy one or abortion is done when the pregnancy is unwanted. Getting pregnant changes a woman’s body as it has to take care of a fetus. And when a woman has an abortion the body needs time and help to get into its former shape. Abortion leads to heavy blood loss during this time special care and diet should be given to the person who had an abortion.

Things You Should And Should Not Have After A Miscarriage Or Abortion.

The diet after abortion is very important and these are few things to be that has to be taken care of. Diet rich in iron is a must. Due to heavy bleeding there is a drastic decrease in the iron content of the blood so to replace it the food should be rich in iron. Protein rich food to improve the blood count so that your blood cells are renewed. Fish, pork, shellfish, turkey, lamb and Beef are some of the foods rich in protein. 

Calcium rich food, low fat milk can be taken because dairy products are helpful in getting the amount of calcium for strong teeth and bones. Fruits and vegetables are very important after an abortion as they supply the body with necessary minerals and vitamins. Grains are also very important, they give the body the necessary dietary fiber. Junk and fast foods should be avoided, food with high carbohydrates and low fiber content is not good for the body at these times. Sweets is another food that should be avoided

How To Recover After Abortion

A woman should take care of her body and its needs, so that it can recover fast with a bit of help after an abortion. Diet after abortion is very easy to follow but most of the time it has to be followed very strictly. After an abortion the woman should get ample amount of rest. Medical checkups are a must. The doctor will advise about the other things that should be taken care of. Here is a list of things you should take care other than the diet after abortion:

  • Proper medical check-up
  • Tampons should not be used instead sanitary pads can be used
  • Avoid having sex for some time.

Abortion is not an easy thing for any woman emotionally or physically. Taking care of her while she goes through this difficult phase is very important. So that she recovers well and when his phase is left behind she can move on with health and vigor for the adventures that are in store for her. Recovery of a woman after abortion varies from woman to woman. If the abortion happens in the early stages then the physical recovery will be by 2-3 weeks but if the abortion occurs at the later stages then it will take time to recover.

Take care that she doesn’t go through any emotional changes because sometimes women tend to harm themselves after the get an abortion. They need mental support of their loved ones to go through this. So take care of them with love and affection and take care of their diet.