In today’s world, Headphones and earbuds are the accessories for the majority of the population. While these listening devices keep us connected and entertained where we go. But that doesn’t mean that they are safe for your ears.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

Using headphones and earbuds can cause damage in your hearing. It is true, that listening to music can helps us to survive in crowds, noise, communicating etc. But with too much loud volume and for too long time hearing can give the result hearing loss.

High chances that you have a smartphone in your pocket with a pair of headphones that connect it directly to your ears. Unfortunately, it’s a high possibility to be damaging your ears.

Let’s read how to keep yourself safe.

Effects of Hearing Headphones

Hearing Headphones

As per NYC community health survey it was revealed that those who were heavily using headphone were more prone to hearing problem than those who were using it moderately. This survey was conducted among adults aged 18-44.

At the point when sound waves reach our ears, they cause the eardrum to vibrate. This vibration is transmitted to the inward ear through a few little bones, where it reaches the cochlea.

The cochlea is a liquid filled chamber in your ear that contains a large number of little “hairs.” When sound vibrations reach the cochlea, the liquid inside it vibrates and makes the hairs move.

More intense sounds aim more grounded vibrations, which cause the hairs to move more.

When you tune in to sounds that are unreasonably noisy for a really long time, these hair cells lose their sensitivity to vibration. Many loud noises cause the cells to curve or crease over. This is the thing that causes the impression of “temporary hearing loss” after you are presented to loud noises. The hair cells set aside opportunity to recover from  extreme vibrations caused by loud noise.

Some Important Signs of Hearing Loss

We have to point out some  important signs of hearing problem using headphones. So you can remember this and  try to avoid greater damage in your ears.

  • You find some strange sound is running in your head like buzzing, Ringing, hissing, murmuring or humming.
  • You trouble understand what are saying people you are talking to specially in noisy places or places with poor acoustics.
  • You often get the feeling that your ears plugged.
  • Tuning in to the TV or radio at a higher volume than previously.


Prevention From Hearing Loss Through Headphones

Prevention is always better than cure. There are some beneficial guidelines you can use to secure your hearing without sacrifice your music: Follow these if you want to improve your hearing power.

Choose the right headphones

Some headphones or earbuds are low quality, small, compact and spread the sound directly to your ears. The result is damage the cells of your ears. So you should spend some money to buy a pair of  top quality of headphones that have noise cancellation technology. Where you can adhere to the 60/60 rule without compromising the quality of your music and, more significantly you can enjoy your music on busy road, crowded place, gym etc.

Limit your volume

85 decibels of any louder sound can result of permanent hearing loss. So you should maintain your sound volume at no louder than 60 percent of the maximum volume. In fact, mostly MP3 players can generate more than 105 decibels. And given that the decibel scale, 105 decibels is about 100 times as intense as 85.

Limit your time

Hearing problem is not the only reason of volume. How long you spend time to hearing music is also another a big problem for hearing loss. You should maintain the time also.

Make sure you limit the listening time to under 60 minutes a day at this volume. And always keep in mind that lower volumes can handle longer listening times.

You can take a break for at least 1 or 2 hours.  60 decibels with uninterruptible hearing for two hours can be more damaging than four half-hour intervals distributed throughout the day. You can also use some latest bone conduction headphone which work on the bone conduction. These are super cool cheekbones headsets/earphones with bluetooth & wireless features.

Hope after reading this article, you would have simply understand whether or not headphone can increase your risk of hearing loss or not. If you have anything to discuss or give a feedback, please leave them in the comment.