Many people tend to get rid of extra pounds,Dramatic Weight Loss, and even more would like to lose weight without exercise and diet. However, if you suddenly discover that your favorite jeans have started to fall off you, and on the masses, an indicator that you could only dream of, think about it. There are many reasons for unexpected weight loss, but it is worth remembering that not all of them are terrible – only in some cases, a healthy weight loss can indicate serious health problems.

First of all, let’s define what exactly is considered a dramatic weight loss. If you lost about five percent of your weight in 6 months, without resorting to diets or training, then you should consult your doctor at least for advice. If you initially have a small weight, then the reason for concern may be the loss of fewer kilograms.

Causes Of Weight Loss

An expert will ask you some questions about your health and lifestyle. For example:
Have you had any problems with your teeth lately (long-term treatment may affect your appetite – it is just hard for many people to eat their usual food in usual amounts).

  1. Have you suffered from diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting?
  2. Do you feel stressed all the time and have you had any severe shocks lately?
  3. Do you eat as before or appetite decreased?
  4. Do you smoke and drink alcohol?
  5. Do you have any more complaints?

It is relevant to tell the doctor about whether you are taking any pills, dietary supplements, herbal teas, and other similar means. Most likely, the doctor will suggest a general blood test and other studies – this will eliminate or confirm his doubts about the causes of weight loss.

The first thing that many begin to think about when they discover that they have lost much weight is oncology. Sharp weight loss is often associated with cancer. Doctors, however, are more optimistic and explain that losing weight most likely will not be the only sign indicating the presence of a tumor in the body, and there will be other signs besides weight loss.

Also, sudden weight loss can be associated with other diseases, including celiac disease, depression, diabetes, metabolic disorders, lung diseases, problems with the heart or gastrointestinal tract and tuberculosis.

Losing weight for no apparent reason is a severe cause for concern. Even if it looks to you that you are feeling fine, consult a doctor – the sooner the purpose of a sudden weight loss is established, the faster the treatment will be prescribed and the more effective it will be.

Other Factors

The reasons for dramatic weight loss, especially in women, can often be the following factors:

Increased need for food. The body of each of us from time to time is faced with changes in the rhythm of life, which affect its obligations. For example, you began to engage in some new sport, you got a job in additional work or are recovering from an illness. The body will try to absorb as many vitamins and nutrients as possible.

Impaired absorption. Some women may have a too fast metabolism or impaired absorption in the intestines, so they eat a lot, but do not get fat, but vice versa. In this case, most of the micronutrients and vitamins that come from food come out of the intestine naturally, and not absorbed by the body.

Illiterate diet. One of the most common causes of loss of kilograms in women – the wrong diet or poor nutrition. All sorts of diets do not allow the body to get the substances it needs, which can later lead to serious diseases. Before you deny yourself food, consider whether you choose the right diet. Better yet, consult a nutritionist.

Taking some medication. Brain stimulants, laxatives, medicines for the treatment of the thyroid gland, chemotherapy drugs – all of these tools can provoke weight loss. Weight will return to usual as soon as you stop using these medicines.

Stress, a detrimental effect on the state of the nervous system.

Old age – during physiological aging, part of the muscle mass is lost. The loss of teeth leads to the inability to chew food properly and eat entirely. Some older people have senile dementia, which is why they may forget to eat food, which can provoke weight loss.

What Consequences Does Sharp Weight Loss?

Regardless of the cause of its occurrence, sudden weight loss does not lead to anything good and can even be dangerous for the body. Many organs suffer, especially the kidneys.

Let us consider in more detail the danger of drastic weight loss.

Reduced performance, weakness. The condition is mainly reflected in brain cells if the cause of weight loss is carbohydrate-free nutrition.

Hormonal disruptions that affect the psychological state of the woman and her appearance.

Vitamin deficiency – occurs as a result of insufficient intake of vitamins or their poor absorption in the intestine. When vitamin deficiency girls face problems such as brittle nails, dry skin, loss of curls. All of these symptoms signal internal abnormalities.

The most unsafe is a sharp decrease in weight with anorexia. The disease is difficult to treat, so it is best to prevent its occurrence.

With a dramatic weight loss may even refuse the kidneys. Causes of weight loss, which negatively affects the kidneys – this is usually dry fasting or taking pills that suppress appetite. At this time, a sudden water-salt imbalance occurs. Swelling on the face suggests that the kidneys worse cope with their functions.

Be sure to pass the examination and find out the reason for losing weight.

Weight loss will stop bothering as soon as you get rid of the disease.

If you are healthy, review your daily routine: devote more time to rest, eat according to the advice of a nutritionist.

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