Laboratory equipments are often found to be quite expensive and they are especially made products. If you have customized equipments at your lab, you would not get easy replacement for them. This is why laboratory equipments should be protected from all sorts of possible damages. Using them carefully is always suggested. For that, you need to know some basic functional aspects of these equipments. Not just using them, you need to take care of them even when they are not getting used for the purpose of your laboratory experiment. Proper maintenance will keep the equipments in their state of the art form. Moreover, it will help them to stay perfectly usable for the experiment purposes.

So, maintenance of the laboratory equipment is a crucial aspect. For maintenance, different things are needed to be taken into consideration. In the following section, those things are discussed in detail.

Repairing the Equipments

The laboratory equipment assistant should check all the equipments on daily basis. It is important to check them and then you have to conduct proper maintenance tasks for them. Maintenance of the equipments is a thing that you have to do with perfection. It is not a job that has to be done in rush. You need to check all the equipments on periodic basis. Certain equipments may be found not in working state. You need to find proper repair service for them. Certain equipments are not usable, as they have acquired a lot of damages which cannot be repaired easily. You need to dispose these equipments safely. Ultimately, the job should be conducted with precision.

Cleaning the Equipment

Every laboratory equipment should remain in neat and clean form. They should be cleaned on regular basis. For cleaning, dry clothes are generally used, though there are some advanced cleaning methods that have been suggested for the glass made jars in the laboratory. You need to rinse them with cleaning chemical to make them perfectly ready for the experiment purposes. Not cleaning them properly would have the risk of infectivity to biochemical or biological samples. As a result, the laboratory may have to incur a lot of financial losses due to the no repairable damages to the equipment.


Not repairing, certain equipment needs refurbishing service to be conducted. For the purpose of refurbishing, you need to focus on certain things. Metallic equipments or devices can be oiled properly. Nevertheless, different apparatus have their own unique demand for the maintenance services. As a laboratory equipment assistant, one has to understand all these demands. The person should be enthusiastic to understand what kinds of maintenance services have been required by the devices or equipment in the laboratory.

The laboratory equipments are fragile or delicate. Thus, maintenance tasks have to be conducted with a lot of care and precision. Any damages to the equipments can result into loss of money. Moreover, rare or customized equipments would be difficult to get in the marketplace once again. Thus, judging all these aspects and ensuring security for the laboratory, maintenance is absolutely important.