Some people usually take gym to a local health and fitness centre, filled with different types of exercise machines and they have to pay huge fees to earn its membership. These are some of the reasons why often people do not get around to doing any exercise. As a result, their lifestyles become unhealthy and they suffer from various health issues.

However, the good news is that in order to stay fit and active, one does not necessarily need to involve in following the gym. One can buy the best home gym equipment and can begin his/her workout sessions to achieve the fitness goals, in the comfort of his/her personal space. Having one’s own exercise equipments means one can exercise whenever one feels to workout. Apart from that, one can get the type of equipment that will best suit one’s requirements.

For starting out on a home workout session, some of the best pieces of equipments are exercise bike, dumbbells, barbell, bench, rowing machine etc. and few of these pieces complete the home gym. Some of the gym equipments in India are discussed below:

  • Exercise bike: It is one of the popular forms of exercise machine and it is perfect for a low impact cardiovascular workout. In addition to that, modern exercise bikes allows one to go at one’s own pace while recording the progress and providing the feedback which one can use to adapt to exercise accordingly.
  • Elliptical trainer: This device gives one more of a full body workout and is completely easy for the joints and muscles as well. The motion is able to check one’s heart rate and can workout according to it.
  • Rowing machine: This type of exercise equipment is considered to be more of high impact activity. It will provide one with good workout for the legs and arms, turning them toned and strong.
  • Multi-machine: Such machines are made of a single steel frame and different equipment is attached to different parts of the frame, for different types of workout being performed. Generally, there are three types of such devices which are- traditional, power rack and power cage. However, the traditional one is most popular and the best for multi-purpose exercises. Such machines include barbell, dumbbells, weight plates, bench and rack.
  • Free weight: These equipments are made of several pieces and are not attached to each other. Such products can offer many types of workout options like rowing, pull downs, leg curls, etc. Also, they come in the traditional, power rack and power cage categories.

Good home gyms will help one to build up one’s muscle mass which will raise the metabolic rate. However, if one is starting it as completely new task, it is always a good idea to approach a fitness trainer for the workout regime.