Developing a healthy diet and exercising habit holds the key to any effective weight loss program. Some people have an aversion for diet thinking that it will leave them hungry or even make them starve, but this is mere apprehension without any reasons. Diet means eating healthy foods low on carbohydrates that help to cut off the supply of carbohydrates to the body. Similarly, exercising does not only mean doing cardio exercises and lifting weights but could constitute any other physical activities performed consistently every day. When you are doing more physical activities like making the bed, cleaning the house, gardening, mowing, shopping and similar activities you are exercising although these activities do not feature in the exercise tips for weight loss because it seems too much mundane.

weight loss program
weight loss program

Maintain regularity

No matter which kind of activities you indulge in, if your goal is to reduce weight, you must do it regularly by following a routine. Moderate physical activity for 150 minutes a week is what experts recommend, and if you do the vigorous aerobic exercise, then it should be for at least 75 minutes a week. Spreading the activity throughout the week would ensure that you do it every day. Depending on your goal of weight reduction, you must increase the activities.

Exercise burns little calories

Exercise is very good for health but not as much effective for the weight loss program. It becomes more effective when coupled with a proper diet. Exercise helps to burn calories, but the amount is quite small as compared to the amount of energy spent by the body.  Calorie burning happens on three different accounts of energy expenditure – the energy used by the body to maintain its function when it is at rest, the energy used to aid food digestion by breaking it and the energy consumed in physical activity. The maximum energy to the tune of 60-80% goes in maintaining the basal metabolic rate of the body over which we have no control. Another 10 % of energy contributes to food digestion. That leaves only about 10 to 30% energy used for physical activity responsible for weight loss.

The need to focus on diet

The body receives full energy (100%) from the food we eat that adds calories, while exercise can only burn 10-30% calories or energy.  The gap is huge and impossible to make up unless you can cut off the supply of energy by choosing a low carbohydrate and high protein diet. Moreover, you need to exercise too hard to burn some small amount of calories, which sometimes could be overwhelming for the body to tolerate. Now you understand why many weight loss programs that emphasize too much on exercise tend to fail. Sustenance is very important for any weight loss program because weight loss is a gradual process, and any good that happens too quickly would fade away at the same speed.

Moreover, the kind of food you take has a link to your abilities to perform physical activities which clearly underlines the importance of backing your exercise regimen with a proper diet plan for the best results in weight reduction.