The SMILE laser eye surgery is a hands-down way to treat your eyes when you want to get rid of those glasses and improve your eye health. Over the years, many people who have relied on the treatment of SMILE have reported excellent results. Most people have also talked about how it has helped them see the world through a clean pair of eyes. 

Unlike any other surgery, this one is full of benefits and is sure to render minimal side effects. Let us help you understand what to expect from this laser eye surgery in need. 

Top Things To Know About SMILE Laser Eye surgery

What happens during the procedure?

When the process is on-going, the eye specialists will numb your eyes with eye drops to perform the surgery. Post that, the surgery generally takes 15 to 20 minutes for both eyes. 

  • To help prevent your eye from blinking, the eye surgeon will place two eyelid holders. That will allow them to complete the surgery without any hassles. 
  • A suction ring is used to flatten the Cornea and prevent any eye movements. 
  • The laser forms a lenticule inside intact cornea and then this is removed through a minor incision of about 2-4 mm 

It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete this eye surgery. 

What happens after the procedure? 

After the SMILE laser eye surgery, you won’t feel any pain and might have only minimal side effects. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you get done with it. For starters, you have to have someone to drive you back home because after the eye surgery one requires rest. Make sure you take a day off to rest and avoid physical movements. Your eye surgeon will prescribe an eye medicine to you that you should take at regular intervals specified by the surgeon. However, you have to avoid getting water into your eyes for some time as it may be harmful to you in several ways. 

Is SMILE laser eye surgery The Best Choice?

Yes, this surgery is the best choice for you when you are looking to correct your eye vision without any pain. It is 100% bladeless and does not create any form of flap in the eye. The visual recovery is also rapid, and you can start performing your daily activities without any guilt soon. If you are someone who plays sports, SMILE could again be the best way to treat your eyes that could help you focus more appropriately in the game.  

The Bottom Line 

You can expect nothing but the best from SMILE laser eye surgery. The safety and accuracy of this eye surgery is also par excellence. It helps cut fewer corneal nerves that are safer for you and prevents drying of the eyes. It is almost hard to ignore this surgery with all these benefits when it comes to vision correction.

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