The medical care services are improving a lot over recent years in India allowing patients to focus more on their goals. There are several hospitals which offer multispecialty facilities for patients thereby showing ways to lead a problem less life. However, it is necessary to make a detailed study of them with special attention to choosing the right one accordingly. In addition, one can know more about services in detail that can help to schedule a visit depending on the requirements. Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi offers high-quality multispecialty services for patients with expert medical teams and trained staffs for undergoing major changes. It aims at taking care of patients with the latest technologies to get solutions for the problems with the desired outcomes.

Managed by Fortis Group, the hospital is well-known for its medical tourism services that attract a lot of international patients every year. Apart from that, it aims at fulfilling the needs of patients when it comes to treatment services. The hospital covers a wide range of services with the most advanced technologies enabling a patient to enhance his or her quality of life to a large extent.

About Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital

The hospital is a centre of excellence for cardiac science, organ transplant, renal science, neuroscience, and so on. It covers healthcare services in over 55 facilities enabling patients to ensure the best medical services. In addition, the medical care centre has done heart retrieval and transplantation surgery in just 100 minutes. Moreover, the centre follows the highest medical practices while delivering services to patients. It even gives ways to carry out services at affordable prices that provide peace of mind.  

Some other specialities offered by the hospital include internal medicine, dermatology, general surgery, diabetology, speech therapy, Rheumatology, and so on. Built-in 3.5 acres of land, the hospital covers 200 beds enabling patients to avoid discomforts and other problems.  The centre provides excellent healthcare services for international patients with experienced medical professionals. It is very close to the airport and metro station and one can reach the centre in a quick turnaround time.

Facilities available in the hospital 

The hospital covers modern amenities for patients to undergo a treatment procedure in a sophisticated environment. E-ICU, a special feature available in the hospital allows clinicians to access patients 24X7 with ease.  India’s first stem cell lab introduced by Fortis in the centre aims at catering to the needs of patients with more attention. Customized diet plans are available for international patients allowing them to improve their health conditions with high success rates. Some other facilities available in the centre include babysitting, valet parking, blood bank, money changer, ATM, pharmacy, library, guest rooms, and so on.

It is very close to leading hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and pharmacies enabling patients to access them easily. Health insurance coordination, medical travel insurance, rehabilitation, medical documents transfer and document legislation are some other medical services offered by the centre that can help to meet essential needs.

Medical tourism services for international patients

Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital covers medical tourism services for international patients at lower prices when compared to other nations. Anyone who wants to know more about them should choose a reputed medical tourism website that can help to make a better decision. This is because the website enables patients to gather more information about treatment services and the profiles of doctors in one place that can save more time. Besides that, it gives ways to schedule an appointment with a physician online after knowing complete details.

How to fix an appointment online?

The hospital offers online consultations for international patients and they can schedule an appointment with them after sending their medical records through email. Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, New Delhi Doctor Listprovides different types of packages for those who come from foreign countries. Those who want to get more ideas about medical visa, treatment options, medical insurance, and other things can contact a doctor online for planning a trip without any hassles. The medical centre works closely with international patients to evaluate their requirements in detail thereby giving ways to choose treatment services based on them.