Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (Prep) is an HIV drug consumed by HIV-negative patients to reduce and prevent the risk of HIV infection. If this medicine is taken correctly and consistently, it can virtually lessen the risk of getting affected by HIV. It is a short-term medicine and has to be taken for a limited period only.  At present, the drug Truvada, a single pill, is the only approved medicine as far as Alabama Prep is concerned.  The pill is a special combination of two effective drugs called emtricitabine and tenofovir.


PrEP has an anti-HIV drug that effectively stops the replicating of the concerned virus in the body.


This drug can successfully eliminate the risk of HIV if taken regularly and according to the doctor’s prescription. Many kinds of research and studies have rightly supported the fact that this medicine is an effective solution for HIV.

Who can take PrEP?

PrEP may be taken by

  • A person whose partner has HIV but it is not fully controlled.
  • A gay and bisexual person with many sexual encounters, and does not use condoms.
  • An unaware gay or bisexual in a new sexual relationship and not using condoms.
  • A person who has shared injecting equipment or have been a part of any treatment program for drug use injecting.

Where is PrEP available?

At present, it is available in only a few countries as an approved medicine and that too, not very easy to get hold of due to resourcing reasons. Some countries, it is free of cost, while in many others, patients have to pay for it. Although some dedicated websites sell the same, yet a doctor’s advice and consultation are highly recommended.

Starting PrEP and Duration

An HIV test is compulsory before the use of this medicine. While the medication process, regular health checkups and visit to the expert health professionals, is highly advised. The medication is not lifelong and just to be taken for a few weeks, months or years or as directed by the doctor.

Thus, Pre-exposure prophylaxis is for people who are at very high risk for HIV so they can take the medicines daily to lower the chances of being infected. It stops HIV from spreading throughout the body. It is actually very highly effective for the prevention of HIV, provided it is taken regularly.