From beauty blogs to online fashion tutorials, a plenty of beauty and skin care recommendations and tips are more accessible at your fingertips than ever before. Sadly, a lot of information is wrong.  I believe we all believe on some stuff that is not true actually. I have drawn together some common myths about skin care and truth behind.

Myth: Skincare products must be selected according to the age.

Fact: Not actually! There are many cosmetics and skin care products claim to be deliberate for a specific age group especially for older women. But, the fact is age isn’t a category of skin.

Age is not a right parameter to shop skin care products. It is not necessary that that people with same age has similar skin. Growing age does not mean that you should automatically assume that your skin is getting dry and this is why you need to use splendidly emollient cosmetics for your skin. Instead, you should opt for a product that suits your skin type. For example, for oily skin, you need to select something that can help you to control oil and related issues.

Myth: You’ll ultimately outgrow acne.

Fact: If only that were correct! Mature skin even after 50 can have acne just like young skin and the cure remains alike.

You have had a clear skin in your young age does not mean that you will not have acne in later stages of your life. You may have acne when you are expecting and at some stage in menopause. It can be an outcome of any hormonal changes in the body.

Myth: Makeup leads to acne.

Fact: Not if you’re taking it off properly and constantly—there’s no study, signifying that makeup or skincare products lead to spots, and there is no harmony on which component or blend of elements is problematic.

Applying foundation over the face is the first step of makeup and it does not allow the skin to absorb anything. But, if you don’t remove the make-up throughout night, it can cause some complications and acne over your face. So, make-up is not a real culprit.

Myth: Costly cosmetics are better than cheap ones.

Fact: Both good and bad products are available in all price classes. It’s about the formation.

You are spending much money does not mean that you are buying the best product. Many reasonably priced products can give you great results. So, you need to check the formation of ingredients along with the needs of your skin rather than paying heed on the price tag.

Myth: Natural skin care products are safe.

Fact: There’s no methodical authenticity available to claim that natural skin care products are safe. Even some highly processed natural ingredients can harm your skin.

Many cosmetics companies claim to use natural ingredients to formulate their products, but the fact is by the time they are extracted and processed, they actually loss their natural attributes. Every natural ingredient is not safe and every synthetic is not bad.

Myth: Blackheads can be cleansed.

Fact: Blackheads make skin look grubby, but they are not associated with dust or to how frequently you wash your face.

Blackheads build up when a clog forms within the pore and puts off oil and cellular rubbish from going out the pore in general. As this clog is close to the skin, the blend of oil and cellular rubbish oxidizes and twist black. Even though various cosmetics claim that sound appealing, you cannot scrub away blackheads, at least not entirely. Using a contemporary scrub removes the top segment of the blemish, but does not do anything to address the fundamental cause, so they’re back again.