Being originated from ancient Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq), the kaftan has a history of being worn in numerous cultural activities worldwide over the years. It is actually a loose, rectangular-shaped, ankle-length graceful robes. These days, kaftan comes with a variation of designs. In ancient days, it was worn by kings to show royalty. It’s meaning, name, style of wearing changes from culture to culture. For instance, in the Russian context, the kaftan is worn by men as a long suit with tight sleeves.

Kaftan for women

It is not easy for one to choose clothes to wear in this hot summer. When it is a matter of the least contact of cloth from the body – one can surely opt for kaftans. Traditionally, these are loose-fitting, ankle-length rectangular dress. Nowadays, it comes in various creative styles which makes it more comfortable and flawless to wear in summers. It is a type of dress that makes one super comfortable and modest together.

These kaftans can be worn in a variety of ways. It suits a different range of body shapes which is becoming the prime reason for its popularity among women. Another reason can be it’s lightweight. For this summer trend, the kaftan is pretty much comfortable yet fashionable. Kaftan women can be worn in a variety of occasions. For instance, it can be worn on a beach as a swimming costume for a relaxing weekend.

Online market of kaftan

Caftan (another word for kaftan) dresses have made comeback in recent years and is gaining its fame all over the world in both the markets – online as well as offline. Many fashion wear platforms have inaugurated caftans online. After being launched online, a myriad of people learned about its history and culture and then this tradition dress experienced a modern touch and got represented in front of the world in a stylish way carrying all its history with it. Apart from being concentrated on just a piece of land, the culture of caftan dress got expanded all around the world.

Benefits of wearing kaftan

Listed below are some of the reasons for wearing kaftan dress:

  • Suits to every body shape: From curvy to skinny, this dress fits every woman flawlessly. It comes in one size that fits all. Kaftans are the choice of a woman of every age group.
  • High comfort level: Being a loose-fitting garment, it is too comfortable to wear. These are light clothes which makes it suitable to wear in summers.
  • Comes in a variety of styles: Embroidered to funky prints, it comes in a variety of different styles.
  • Acts as a dress for pregnant women: Pregnant women need to wear comfortable and lightweight clothes for health reasons. Opting kaftan can be the best decision.
  • It can be worn as formal or casual dress: It can be worn on any occasion or formal meetings.

In today’s world where the word fashion itself has a complete meaning, this tremendous combination of presenting traditional dress in a modern way has proved to catch a countless number of eyes, especially in woman context.