If you believe your requests on Beauty Test in recent weeks, as you approach the summer, many of you are interested in dietary supplements diet. Among them, two references special fat burners are on the rise: Anaca supplements 3 and Oenobiol Slimming Boost, which do not get the best grades in their category. We looked at the top 3 best fat burners, the ones you rated best on Beauty Test. What you put on the right track if you plan to buy food supplements to relieve you of unnecessary fat. Follow the guide. For the right use of Phenq then you should go for the use of the Phenq dosage there.

Why use this type of product?

Among the various dietary supplements slimming existing, fat burners represent those whose consumption will accelerate the basic metabolism (the energy expenditure of the body at rest), so as to eliminate more fat than the body would naturally. In other words, lipolysis (destruction of fat stored in adipocytes into fatty acids easily removed by the body) will be more active. Based on plant extracts, vitamins or amino acids whose fat elimination properties are recognized (caffeine, green tea, Guarani, spirulina, chromium), these food supplements would eliminate more effectively superfluous curves. If at high doses these active ingredients have a real action that of dietary supplements is not scientifically proven. So they should be used as slimming aids, in addition to a balanced diet and a regular sports activity.

Slimming capsules are popular: as part of a slimming diet, they often offer a real boost. However, they should not be considered harmless: they can be misused and can have many side effects. What are they and how to avoid them?

Side effects of slimming capsules

Some slimming capsules have an effect on digestion: they will accelerate the transit in order to evacuate the food consumed faster. At high doses, they sometimes have a laxative effect that can be dangerous for intestinal health. Other supplements to lose weight quickly will stimulate the metabolism and risk, eventually, to disrupt so to do more harm than good! Finally, some of these stimulants (such as Guarani or caffeine) have exciting effects: be careful, therefore, if you are sensitive.

How to avoid suffering from the side effects of slimming capsules?

First of all, it is very important to keep in mind that these capsules must be consumed in addition to a balanced diet: they will be ineffective. Pay particular attention to the choice of your supplements by focusing on natural ingredients, less problematic (but not harmless). Finally, you must strictly follow the advice of use, because to consume more than necessary will cause you to suffer from side effects. In a word, we remain reasonable, we do not believe in miracles and above all, we do not abuse it.