Teeth is an essential part of your body. Poor dental hygiene can lead to various problems, which might cause loss of tooth, which would in-turn lead to loss of muscle. Kids from a very young age are advised to take care of their teeth. Masking breath odor is not called oral hygiene. Do you want to keep your teeth healthy? Here are the top five tips for you.

Cut down sugar

Keep a control over the amount of sugar you intake. The more sugar you have, the chances of plaque is quite high. This would lead to decay of tooth, destruction of enamel and damage to gums. It is the same with sugar-hiked soda too. Moreover, the phosphoric acid and the citric acid would damage enamel and cause cavities.

Quit smoking

Smoking causes discoloration to your teeth. But, it is not the only problem of smoking. The tar and nicotine of cigarettes will damage the gums. Bacterial growth in mouth would increase due to smoking. This would lead to plaque and tooth decay.

Brush using proper techniques

Brush twice every day. Improper brushing is almost equivalent to no brushing at all. Hold the brush at 45 degree and work in circular motion. Each tooth should receive at least 10 brush strokes. You need to choose the brush properly. Very soft and very hard bristles are bad for brushing. Ask your dentist to choose the right brand for you. Floss regularly. Do not overdo brushing. Too intense or long brushing can damage enamel and lead to gum recession. The recession is irreversible.

Eat teeth-cleaning food

Certain foods like apple, sugarcane, raw carrot, popcorn, celery and others. These foods will help to reduce plaque accumulation. Ending your meal with any of these items would keep dirt and food particles away from your teeth. Remember that these foods are not substitute for brushing. Chewing sugar-free chewing gums are also proven good for reducing plaque accumulation.

Proper dental visits

Visiting a dentist after toothache is like post- mortem. If you experience pain, the damage has reached the nerves. Thus, you need to visit dentists in regular intervals. Keeping your teeth clean is very essential and dentists play an important role in it. visit registered dentists in Trinidad for regular cleaning and other check-up. If you find any problem, try to get a dentist appointment as soon as possible.

Oral hygiene is very essential. Bad oral health can lead to problems, far and beyond gum delay and loss of tooth. Do you know that the bacteria that inflame gums can reach bloodstream and cause cardiovascular diseases? Gingivitis can lead to nerve damage and cause dementia. These germs, if reached lungs, can cause COPD or acute bronchitis. If you are diabetic, you ought to keep your tooth clean. Gum diseases can lead to increase in sugar level, which would increase risks and related problems in diabetic patients. Pregnant women with oral problems like gingivitis, periodontitis can lead to low birth weight in the fetus. Thus, oral hygiene is very essential.