Fortis Hospital in Anandpur, Kolkata is a super-specialty and it is also approved by NABH accredited tertiary care healthcare hospital. This hospital has 10-storied  and 400 beds. the hospital has been built in a 3 lakh sq ft area, which is equipped according to the latest medical techniques. The doctor specializes in special care cardiology and cardiac surgery, urology, nephrology, neuroscience, orthopedics.

This hospital provides you with more facilities, including trauma treatment, critical care ambulance service. Best cardiac operation theater, blood bank, prevention of examining diseases, clinical and catheterization laboratory. The best part is that best emergency care and also provides diet counseling. Physiotherapy along with 24 Hours of accident and emergency services are also available. You get the benefits of these services. As like rehabilitation, laboratory and microbiological services, stress management, 24×7 pharmacy, and emergency room.

you are equipped with more than 70 beds in ICU.  Which included a medical intensive care MICU, and CCU, recovery and Isolation beds.

There are dependency units A Nephrology department is also available with more than 28 advanced dialysis units in this hospital. The hospital operated by Integrated building management system. And a pneumatic slope system for quick vertical and horizontal transportation between floors.

This gives you the convenience of a quick transfer of patient samples, documents, reports, and medicines to the concerned departments. It saves time for effective patients as well as providing efficient health care.

If you are finding details information about Fortis Hospital Kolkata. we are providing all details of doctors list and fee and reviews and also book an online appointment.

Clinical Speciality of Fortis Hospital Anesthesia

The Full-service department that is available to answer any surgery, pain management, respiratory, cardiac arrest and maternity coverage. Its primary goal is to provide the highest level of care, with the primary emphasis on the patient’s safety and satisfaction. Our anesthetic technique covers the whole process to improve the results. Our timely and efficient care is the engineer in ways to focus on the individual needs of the patient.

Blood Disorders/ Haematology

There is also an expert team for the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases in this Hematology department. Hematologist, patients evaluate and treat different conditions such as anemia, increased or decreased white cells, increase or decrease in platelets. And increased lymph nodes or splenic spasms, bleeding and clotting disorders. And experts in the department also treat blood cancer, including leukemia, lymphoma, many myeloma, and other disorders.

Cardiac Anaesthesia

There is also a cardiac anesthesia department anesthesiology. One of the best parts is that cardiac surgery and child patients under related aggressive procedures. And our team specializes in the best anesthetic services for these patients being treated for these cardiac conditions.

Cardiac Surgery/ Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery

Surgeons like vascular and endovascular treat us here, treat the conditions of the blood vessel. lymphatic system so that maximum health and welfare can be restored. Hospital offering a range of treatments, including abdominal aortic aneurysm, thoracic aortic aneurysm, and endovascular or open repairs of thoracic aneurysm. These include stent-grafts, open surgical reconstruction, and balloon angioplasty and stenting in all vascular areas…

Cardiology Department

This is the Department of Cardiology, which provides the best services in terms of accurate diagnosis and professional treatment. It has an experienced team of doctors who specialize in cardiac bypass surgery.  And minimum invasive surgery, interventional cardiology, and non-invasive cardiology. And our pediatric department also diagnoses cardiovascular problems as well as treatments in newborns and embryos.

Dental Sciences Department

This is the Department of Dentistry, which also provides services to children, adolescents, adults, and patients with special health care needs. Our most efficient team here offers specialized clinical procedures and treatments such as oral and maxillofacial surgery. And advanced conservative treatment, orthodontics, periodontics, dental implants, pedodontics, and aesthetic dentistry, endocontics and restorative dentistry.

Dermatology / Cosmetology Department

It is the Department of Dermatology, which provides a comprehensive skin care diagnosis and treatment. As the department provides many types of specialized services in pediatric, surgical, medical as well as cosmetic dermatology. The specialists have successfully treated all types of diseases including cancer and melanoma from skin and acne and skin related problems. Our Skin Care is an efficient approach that forces our patients to discover the gift of skins that are glowing.

Diabetes And Endocrinology Department

These are chaos that widespread incompatible and run by a highly qualified and experienced team of medical professionals. The department here is equipped with the management of diabetes mellitus and thyroid disorders. In which we have earned a reputation for our capabilities to deal with complex lipid disorders, obesity, and nutritional problems. It’s also equipped to deal with problems related to the pituitary, adrenal, para-medical thyroid. Reproductive endocrinology, as well as particularly complex secondary and tertiary care, gestational diabetes management and lipid And metabolic disorders such as.

ENT/ Otorhinolaryngology Department

Fortis Hospital has a highly skilled team of doctors. which are using the latest techniques such as endoscopic nose surgery, and ear. Its addition to treating the condition of ear, nose, and throat in adults.  The best treatment for children, hearing, and deafness, ringing in the ears, treatment of ENT. Cancer treatment is also well done here. Fortis Hospital ensures the use of the latest technologies in this field and makes its team effective for that.

General Surgery Department

Fortis has a general surgery department, such as the endocrine system. The gastrointestinal tract focuses on the processes related to the liver, the colon and other major parts of the human body. Here are some procedures that include an appendix, gallstones, colonoscopy, thyroidectomy, hernia, and bariatric surgery. There is also a treatment for patients suffering from skin, soft tissue, breast, hernia, and trauma-related diseases. The General Surgery Department at Fortis Hospital, Kolkata also provides state-of-the-art surgical care to its patients. As well as the department specializes in laparoscopic surgery (also known as key-hole surgery or even minimum invasive surgery).

It is hospital is a multispecialist such as general, laparoscopic surgery, and behavioral sciences, neurology, nephrology, and much more facilities.