With the arrival of your baby expected any time soon, it is high time that you get last minute details to perfection like stocking of pre-baby freezer meals. I really struggle to make it for dinner with my baby, but with healthy freezer meals for new moms, a new perspective emerges.

Homemade chilli

All of us like it hot, but an option of toning it down always exists the entire more so if the mother is into breastfeeding. You can serve it with rice or hot dogs

Just cook it and store it in a refrigerator overnight when you are planning to use reheat it

Lasanga devoid of ricotta

This recipe is cheesy and creamy. With a new one ,this would be a perfect go to recipe for families. Just grab a piece of loaf from the nearest bakery and you are done with your dinner.

Just cook and keep it in a fridge. When it is ready to use you just need to heat it. You would bake it in an oven for around 350 degrees till it is hot for around 50 minutes

Southwest chicken

This recipe makes it part of our meal rotation policy on a regular basis. I would love to have it with cornbread. The preparation is super simple as you just need 5 basic ingredients in order to prepare it.

Freeze in an uncooked manner and it needs to be done in a slow cooker as per instructions.

Chicken Rigatoni

Another dinner with 5 basic ingredients as part of the phase of preparation. You can pair it with bread or salad

Cooking of noodles and you might have to follow this recipe till you put it in an oven. Instead of baking just freeze. In order to reheat in an oven overnight bake in an oven around 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Taco chili

This would be another type of a freezer meal where you can toast it directly from the freezer to a crock pot. Just serve it with extra chest and corn chips.

This is has to be cooked in an unfreeze state and follow the instructions for cooking

Chicken pot pie

For a lot of mothers this would seem to be a favourite comfort food. You would have to cook in the filler as directed and the freeze it. When it is ready to reheat, thaw and keep it refrigerator overnight. Fill it into an overnight pie crust and go on to bake as per direction.

Vegetable and beef soup

The vegetable and beef soup would be another comfort classic. Use a slower cooker version but this appears to be my favourite as well.

Follow the instructions of cooking but with cooking freeze it and then add noodles. Thaw it in your refrigerator overnight and reheat it in a microwave oven on an individual basis. When you are ready to serve add noodles.

To sum it up these are some of the health conscious freezer meals if you skip dinner.