So it’s the time to get pregnant? Probably you are curious to know how to boost your conceiving chances. These natural fertility boosters can help you and increase your fertility. However the best thing is that these will not require a visit to the medical store.

1. Discover your healthy weight to get pregnant

There may be chance of compromising when you put scale on unhealthy number. According to the doctors, woman bearing excess weight than normal often do not ovulate. Similarly, the women who are underweight have less estrogen and thus facing difficulty in conceiving. Therefore if you are deciding to get pregnant, firstly it is good to measure body mass index to ensure that you are in healthy range to conceive a baby.

2. Stress Less

It seems easier to said stress less than done. Especially if you are already tensed about your chances of achieving pregnancy, but one of the easiest way to rise up your conceiving chances is by calming or making your lifestyle stress free. High level of stress cause changes in natural hormone levels and thus adversely affects ovulation. Therefore read a soothing book, go for a Yoga class and get more sleep. Anything that can provide you peace and delight will helpful.

3. Make your diet plan smartly

If you are not eating balanced diet, now it’s time to make changes in your diet plan to make it well balanced and must include proteins, carbs and fat. Trans- fats and processed foods loaded with refined foods.

4. Get to know your menstrual cycle

Consistently there is 5-7 days of window when you get pregnant. In regular menstrual cycle, this window indicates that you are most fertile around 14th or 15th day. There are two helpful approaches to track your greatest days to get pregnant at this time. You can use over the counter ovulation kit or an online ovulation predictor if you recognize what is the day of your last cycle and to what extent your cycle is.

5. Join exercise or yoga classes

Physical activity, exercise and yoga can help to keep yourself fit and active. It controls your blood pressure and weight that helps in increasing your chances to get pregnant. It is good to perform regular exercise while trying to achieve pregnancy. You can also join exercise classes or a group class for the same. Being physical and mentally fit can really help your fertility.

6. No alcohol, no smoking

Though you heard that several women were pregnant after spending nights in pubs after all drinking and smoking, most women find it’s difficult to conceive just because of alcohol and smoke. For would be mother, smoking can lead to early infertility and consumption of alcohol can lead to miscarriage. Therefore if you are enjoying your glass of wine and like smoking a lot, quit now.

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