If you enjoy keeping fit and perhaps spend a lot of your time in Football Kits like the ones from kitking you may want to look at ways in which you can create a home gym. YOu can find numerous pieces of gym equipment that are suitable for home use and cat set these up ion all kinds of spaces from garages to extensions and can even find fold away options that will slide underneath your bed. For many people the thought of going to a commercial gym each day is too much to consider, so a home gym is a much better option, it is not affected by traffic or bad weather and can be fitted into any daily schedule, regardless of how busy you may be. 

Before you get your home gym equipment set up, think about whether your current flooring can handle it as it will take a lot of punishment. There are several options that would be perfect for your gym space and you should consider each one to find the best for your own environment. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each one.

Carpet tiles

Commonly used in gyms, low-pile carpet tiles are surprisingly durable. The interlocking tiles mean that they are easily installed without having to pay for a professional. They aren’t waterproof, which means that moisture can be held, and a professional cleaning will be required eventually. On the plus side, any damage that occurs to a tile can easily be rectified by replacing that one tile in isolation.


One of the cheapest options is foam. It can be pieced together easily and has the major benefit of being a great shock absorber. It’s a good option for those who do lots of floor workouts but isn’t usually recommended for heavy weight equipment. You might consider swapping the weights in favour of a new workout craze.

Vinyl tiles

With many different styles available, vinyl is a great flooring option when you want to make it match the rest of your room. It is also extremely durable and can be installed easily. Similar to waterproof laminate flooring, vinyl is simple to clean, but it isn’t quite as shock-absorbent as other gym floor options.


As one of the most durable flooring options that also includes great shock absorption, rubber will last and is easy to keep clean. It is simple to install but can be one of the colder options for your gym.